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Today I took my wife out for dinner.

We got into the Jeep and drove to a place which was neither our home nor our places of work. We got out of the truck and went inside, and were rapidly escorted to a table, where we sat there and ordered food, which was brought to us, and which we ate. I then paid for this service using exchange tokens that I earned by working, making sure to include a gratuity for the person who brought us our food.

I realize that this is an alien concept in these times, but it's a fact that we used to do this a lot in our society. They called it, "GOING OUT TO EAT," and it was a luxurious pleasure that had vanished from the face of this Earth for many a moon.

Imagine! Eating food that you didn't cook yourself! Not having to wash the dishes afterwards! Just sitting at a table and paying someone to bring the food to you!

* * *

Just immediately prior to everyone getting corona'ed, I suggested to my wife that we go out to eat, and she said she didn't feel like it. She came to regret that, since we got corona'ed the very next day.

Today we made up for it, though--I ate too much. But it was delicious and we were eating at a restaurant and it felt so damned normal I almost wept.

It almost makes up for the pair of emails that were mass emailed to everyone in the company I work for.

First email: 6/2/20, about 1 PM: "We value diversity! You're all important to us! Everyone matters!"

Second email: 6/4/20, about 3 PM: "I meant, 'Black lives matter!' I'm sorry! I'm SORRY! I made a mistake! Please forgive me! I'm sorry!"


* * *

Crime statistics. My estimate is that 30% of the population commits 70% of the violent crime, but I may be in fact overestimating the size of that demographic.

More crime statistics.

* * *

The actual news is somehow getting printed in the New York Times even though it contradicts the left's preferred narrative.
The New York Times quotes the ADL that Antifa are anti-law enforcement and engage in “street action,” aka violence.

The also quote the SPCL that there is no evidence of far-right or white supremacist false-flag violence.

We’re not talking about Reason or the Heritage Foundation saying this. It is the ADL and SPLC, far Left-leaning organizations that see Nazis and Klansmen in every shadow.
I'm sure they'll issue a retraction soon.

* * *

COVID-19 may mean the end of the university system as we know it. What the university system became in the wake of the GI Bill after WW2, and the education exemption for the draft, is a bloated system that costs too much money for what it delivers.

* * *

Star Trek: Enterprise starred Scott Bakula and some other folks and was an entertaining series.
It says just about everything you need to know about Alex Kurtzman's vision for Star Trek that "Strange New Worlds" original title was "Star Trek: Enterprise," (I shit you not, that's for real). Alex Kurtzman's entire production company was ignorant of the existence of an entire Star Trek series.
...which is why they make shit that is not Star Trek.

* * *

An interesting look at firearms in science fiction. In my universe, starships have (need) inertial damping. That's fine, as far as it goes, but if you're under boost and trying to repel boarders? Any firearm that shoots bullets (aka "a slugthrower") is an inertia weapon. The bullet that hits your body injures you because it has inertia.

If inertia is damped? As soon as the bullet left the barrel of the gun it would drop to the floor...and it wouldn't even bounce. You'd get the BANG but then you'd hear this "tap..." as the slug dropped out the end of the barrel. It wouldn't jam in the barrel; it's being forced down of the barrel by the expansion of gases generated by the propellant (gunpowder/nitrocellulose/whatever) in the cartridge, the same way the piston in a car is forced to move by the exploding air and gasoline mixture. But as soon as the rear end of the bullet cleared the muzzle, the pressure would drop to zero pretty quickly. And without that pressure, at full inertial damping the bullet just stops.

...which is why they use lasers instead. The laser guns are catalytic; the magazine you slap into the thing has two extreme-pressure tanks full of gases that react upon contact with each other, and under the right condtions they form a lasing medium. And so you get a brief flash of coherent light, about forty or so watts packed into a pulse roughly 2-3 cm in length and about 1 across, which is about the energy carried by a mythical average bullet fired from a light (meaning, not-heavy) slug-throwing weapon like a pistol or a carbine.

And yeah, it ruins your day if you get hit by it. But you can't see the bolt moving through the air like in Star Wars or anything.

I'm not kidding; I've run the numbers. Forty watts delivered in a few nanoseconds will cause flesh to explode.

And I mention "forty watts" because it was The Terminator where the CSM-101 asks the guy running the gun store for a "phased plasma rifle in the forty-watt range." I thought, "'Forty watts'? What the hell would that do?" And so I made with the physics textbook and the pencil and paper and calculator...and discovered that, yeah, if you can deliver forty watts quickly enough, you could blow someone's arm or leg off.

Well--not really off, not quite, but you'd blow the muscle right off the bone; after that, the only real fix for that would be to amputate what was left.

The problems with lasers they mention in the article are all true, but some of them I deal with by waving hands and the others I pretend don't exist, mostly. Heh.

* * *

Today was actually a pretty decent day, all told. A bit busy, but not too bad, and I got a bunch of stuff done to boot. And to finish it off by taking my favorite person out to dinner? Marvelous!

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