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#7175: Today's comics, seriously?

Turns out there's a "thing" going in the Sunday comics.

I first twigged to something unusual going on when I got about halfway through my comics feed (to Pooch Cafe) and saw that the artist had drawn a steering wheel in a mailbox.

Me: "What the hell is that about?"

Foxtrot had a bunch of dumb jokes but I didn't see the connection.

Got to Daddy's Home and saw this, then went back to review:


At least it explains, sort of, the steering wheel in the mailbox.

* * *

The Wailing Span.

Son, beware the narrows. The old bridge that spans them wails with the voices of the dead. The old ones say there be ghosts there, and any who get within a league of the place can hear their cries, even at noontide when the wind is right. Do not go! Lest you fall to the curse that lay waste to them, lo these many years ago.

Apparently the Golden Gate Bridge has gotten some kind of "upgrade" which makes it hum in strong winds.
The aerodynamic retrofit, on the western, bike-lane side of the bridge, is "necessary to ensure the safety and structural integrity of the bridge for generations to come."
By, apparently, making sure no one uses the bridge.

* * *

Speaking of unearthly drones, the cicadas--I don't know what's going on any longer. These aren't the 17-year cicadas but there's enough of them that I can hear the low whistling drone that is the hallmark of a large brood of the things. I found a vacant molt on the porch yesterday, and it was the same size as the two I saw previously.

So, yeah. There's that, I guess.

* * *

Anyone who gets twenty-one abortions is evil.

Actually--now that I've steeled myself actually to take a good look at the picture--I think that's a man. The hands are masculine, the jaw--from the upper lip upwards she looks kind of like...hmm...dang it, I know that face but can't place it. Some rock star. (Male rock star.) No adam's apple, but there's surgery for that. And the insanity of claiming pride in having had close to two dozen abortions is approximately on par with the insanity required to "transition".


* * *

So, the battery for Mrs. Fungus' motorcycle came yesterday. Late, but it got here; and it includes a built-in voltage meter, which is kind of neat.

Anyway, last night I put it in the bike, and it fits better than the one it replaced; switched the ignition on to confirm that it works (it does) but didn't try starting it yet. I had other fish to fry.

That chair I bought, last August, broke.

Where the left armrest attaches to the base, a piece of metal with a threaded insert welded in broke right where it attaches to the seat base. It's a strap of metal about 1.5" long with a right-angle bend and a vertical bit with the nut in it, bolted to the seat with two bolts. It broke right across the second bolt hole, closest to the edge. I've got an email in to the company to see about warranty replacement but I'm thinking I'll go out and buy a new chair, since that one was only ever meant to be a stopgap.

In the meantime, I found out that the arms and back for that chair fit the base of the chair the new one replaced! I assembled a "Franken-chair" with the new mesh back and headrest, and the old IKEA fake-leather seat and pedestal. But of course, I replaced that IKEA chair because the back support bent, and I couldn't lean back without the thing trying to tip over. This has the same issue, only with optional headrest. But it's marginally better than using a stool, which is what the new chair had been abruptly converted into. *sigh*

Hmm--thinking about it now, I wonder if I couldn't make some kind of acceptable replacement bit for that broken part? And maybe not bother--just get a new friggin' chair that'll last longer than ten months.

* * *

The other day there was some discussion about the riots etc in the "Looking for Group" channel in WoW Classic. I added a wisecrack about "social distancing" only counting if you're not "protesting".

Some git piped up with something like, "What about the kkkops?"

I wasn't offended; just amused. Chuckling, I put him on "ignore". It's pretty safe to say that anyone that spells "cops" with "kkk", in order to imply systemic and institutional racism, is someone who is not going to say anything at all worth listening to. Ever.

Another funny bit: a pickle-smoker asked about LGBTQBLBBPS-friendly guilds. My response was the first: "Isn't Pride LGBTQ-friendly?" (Pride being basically a gay guild.) Said homosexual then proceeds to go on about how he doesn't want to be bullied, and doesn't want to be in a guild with a bunch of stupid dumb hick Trump supporters, and then starts lambasting all Trump supporters with the left's only insult ("Trump supporters are STUPID!"). I declined to further engage him, though I thought I might tell him that a Trump supporter had just tried to answer his question without being judgemental. Instead, I just put him on "ignore" and reminded myself that trying to be nice to leftists is a losing proposition. It was entertaining--and encouraging--to see a lot of people start telling the guy that he was being a hypocrite and engaging in exactly the kind of behavior he didn't want to be subjected to.

The funny thing: I've noticed, in various places that could be counted as "social media", that the mainstream is roughly neutral on Trump. Which is to say, I'm talking about places which are normally, generally, 100% left-of-center on politics--including the WoW chat channels and Imgur.

On the latter, anti-Trump memes get plenty of upvotes--but anti-Democrat memes get plenty, too. On the former, there are people who openly support Trump, which is (I think) unusual.

I can automatically discount the hyperbole ("Trump's a pedophile", for example, and "Trump's a rapist") because if any of that were actually true--if there was so much as a shred of evidence for either claim--the media would be covering it 24/7 even now (especially since it's an election year) and the mainstream media never emitted so much as a peep over it.

If there were a claim to that effect which was even 1/10th as credible as is the sexual assault claim against Biden--

...but people don't seem to believe the anti-Trump hyperbole. It just doesn't have any traction, for some reason. (Other than, y'know, being completely false--that never stopped them before.)

I don't know. But it's interesting.

* * *

Anyway, it's Sunday. Nice weather today. My biggest problem is that I couldn't really sleep all that well last night, despite very cool and dry weather.

Bah. To heck with it.

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