atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#7176: New chair

Went to OfficeMax and picked up a nice high-back chair and didn't break the bank to do it. This one is made out of metal rather than plastic. It feels very nice.

5-year warranty, so if it breaks--yeah.

* * *

Joe (from across the street) came by today. We talked about some things and I helped him with his scooter--it wasn't cranking. Traced the starter system all the way from button to solenoid to starter. Finally applied power across the starter itself and it still wouldn't turn, so I removed it and ran power across it--and WHIRRR off it went. Put it back in the bike and tested it, and CRANKCRANKCRANK--so I don't really know what was wrong with it, unless the motor itself was on a dead spot. As soon as I pulled it out I tried turning it, and it turned easily, so I probably moved it off that dead spot just by doing that; and running it flat out with no load for several seconds probably wiped the dead spot right off the commutator.

Anyway, I left him in better shape than he was when I got there.

* * *

Of course, it will take some time for me to get used to the new chair. It's completely different from the other chair, of course.

Not much of a selection there; my other choice had more padding but plastic arms--so I decided against that one.

* * *

Guess I'm cutting the grass this week after work. Oh well.

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