atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#717: Cinnamon rolls

Pillsbury makes cinnamon rolls which have the "Cinnabon" name on them, and they are a pretty good substitute for the real thing. They're addictive as hell, too.

Cinnabons are a holiday treat for me. I try to get a 4-pack of them on Christmas Eve, so on Christmas morning I can have a Cinnabon. Otherwise I try to stay away from them; I'm already a big guy and I don't need any extra insulation. (All of this was started by my first girlfriend. She did this to me. Argh!)

Let's face it: the dough is typical dough, maybe a bit sweeter than average; but they then spread a layer of butter, sugar, and cinnamon on it before slicing it and rolling it. Then they bake it; and when it's done and cooled, they spread on frosting which is more butter and sugar.

Face it: they're mostly fat and sugar--that's why they taste so good!

And I always get extra frosting, too.

The Pillsbury version costs about $3.70 for five rolls that you bake yourself. It's well worth it, because if you go get a real Cinnabon it won't cost you less than that for one big roll. The Pillsbury version is perhaps half the size of the real thing, but the flavor is pretty damn close.

* * *

In Diablo 2 I wanted to run around and kill a lot of stuff, so I made yet another Sorceress. You give a Sorceress the "Nova" spell and she can kill a lot of monsters really fast, especially in "Normal" mode.

I named her "Tummy-Tuk".

I started the character on Wednesday afternoon, and by 11:25 Friday I'm about 3/4 of the way through Act 5. One more good push will get me to the end of the game (again).

I imported the too-powerful charm that gives an extra 461% of experience for each kill, so Tummy-Tuk is 45th level now.

But what the hey; I'm having fun with it.

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