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#7179: The last 24 hours have been a complete [Charlie Foxtrot]

So, let's start with why yesterday's post went up today.

First thing I did was to pay the bills; then I started the usual blog entry process. But when I was about 2/3 done with the blog post, our Internet went out. Down completely. Mrs. Fungus found out from Comcast that there was an outage in our area which was likely to last until morning.

Oh well! I was fiddling with "Hexiom Connect" and trying to decide what I wanted to do when, at 9:26 PM, our power cut. This was after the storms had moved through; I went outside and saw the ComEd guy just finishing up with the lift bucket; a neighbor called out to him and he said that there was a line down somewhere downstream of that point and that the power would be off for "a coupla hours".

It was, in fact, 3.25 hours later that power was restored to the bunker.

It felt too warm in here, though it was cooler and drier than outside, so we couldn't sleep. We did finally go to bed but lay in the dark stillness, sweating. When the power came back on around 12:35, then we were able to go to sleep, because the AC ran and the fans worked and it felt cooler.

Levered myself out of bed this morning, fifteen minutes late, and crowbarred myself into the shower; got to work 15 minutes late and found that my keycard didn't work. Looked at my phone--which had been ringing as I drove to work--and learned that the facility had gone to mandatory COVID-19 testing, and I (among everyone else there) would not be allowed in until I'd been tested with a negative result.

So I returned to the Jeep and talked to my boss, and looked up the nearest testing location; got out the GPS, put in the address, and off I went...right into the face of a monsoon. So bad that I had to pull off the road and wait a few minutes for the rain to abate, which is something I almost never do.

Mind you, the Jeep's AC doesn't work. Windows were fogged up until I ran the defroster flat-out. Drove to the place, got there perhaps an hour after I'd gotten to work...and proceeded to spend the next four and a half hours there. Sweltering in the parking lot, of course, because no AC and because COVID-19 testing is not done indoors for some bizarre reason.

They wanted to give me the test that takes 3-5 days to produce a result because I had mentioned the cough I've had since early March. The one for which my doctor said "Bronchitis." I told them: "I do have a cough, but I've had it since early March and my regular doctor said it was bronchitis."

...which would have meant three days (at least) of working from home, come to think of it; I should have let them go ahead. But no, I objected, and got the 5-minute test, and the result was NEGATIVE, exactly as I'd expected it to be, because I haven't come in contact with anyone who's got the thing and I was only there because they made me go get the test.

Stopped at McDonald's and got food for me and Mrs. Fungus, and got home at 12:55--and took the whole hour for lunch, because that morning was ridiculous.

Ended up getting back to work about 2 PM, which left a whopping three hours in my day.


* * *

So now, if you call 911, it's "white privilege". Can you believe this shit? These people have gone right off the frigging deep end!

Her appearance is exactly as you would imagine, of course.

* * *

How pathetic: They couldn't even go one day without falling on their faces. "the homeles people we invited took away all the food", SIC. After one day in their "autonomous zone", a place littered with restaurants, they're out of food. Awesome management!

You know, I think the best thing to do is to simply blockade the "Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone". Anyone wants to leave, they go into a jail cell and they're held until a full background check can be done. If they're an official resident of the area, then they're released. If not, they are prosecuted for a variety of crimes, not limited to "sedition" and "unlawful confinement" and whatever else a really smart prosecuting attorney can come up with.

Blockade it, and do not allow any kind of supplies either in or out. You come out, you come out in your clothes, with nothing else. You go in, you go in with your clothes and nothing else.

But even so, they've already demonstrated how effective their preferred governmental system is. That makes it schadenfreudelicious.

* * *

Speaking of antifa, their anti-Gadsden flag is perfectly indicative of who they really are. "We Will Tread" means they support totalitarianism, authoritarianism, total government control of the populace. And so antifa demonstrates that they are, in fact, facsist to the core.

* * *

A mayor is not condoning looting and arson? Amazing.

* * *

The first of many, I am certain. Manufacturer's building burned down; he's going to rebuild elsewhere.

Of course, that makes him "racist".

* * *

This almost describes my entire career in public school.
Imagine being bullied at school, and you go to the teacher for help, and not only does she side with the bully, and tell you that you need to give the bully some space to be a bully, but you see her laughing and joking with the bully like they're BFFs.
Everything up to the "laughing and joking" bit was exactly how it always went for me.

The rest of that paragraph:
A lot of blue city citizens and business owners ought to be feeling this way right now, and if they don't, they need to wake up. Maybe they should be planning an exit strategy. Because when the thug rioters can get away with punching cops in the face, that's when it's time to get the hell out.
That is certainly true. And as I've said and said--a sensible business owner cuts his losses.

Do not talk to me about "food deserts" any longer, because my response will be "fuck you."

* * *

Well, that global warming is getting worse.
RECORD COLD IN THE MESOSPHERE: It's getting cold in the mesosphere. Very cold. "At polar latitudes (60N-80N) temperatures have been breaking 14-year records in the last few days," says Lynn Harvey of the University of Colorado Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics.
Yep, we'd better give up civilization and live in caves, all right.

* * *

If you think it's not intentional, I've got a bridge to sell you.
There is no attack on Israel, no number of Jewish children murdered, that the Left can’t somehow rationalize and justify in the name of Palestinian rights.

If that is the standard by which American minorities will be judged, God help us.

They could bomb a school bus full of white kids and the Left will say something about "power plus prejudice" and how not expecting your kids to be murdered on their way to school in the morning is privilege that you just have to check.
Trust me. These are leftists. That's what they want: to be able to kill anyone they want to, merely for having the wrong skin color. Or opinion.

* * *

Chicago is deliberately attempting to underpay the police officers who keep the city safe because of course they are. (Allegedly.)

The left hates police--which is to say, the left hates the idea of a force of armed civilians who enforce laws equally on everyone. They want political enforcers.

And licensing police is one way to accomplish that.

* * *

Anyway, it's like fifteen degrees cooler now than it was this morning, and the air is dry. Bunker is cooling with outside air. I'm going to figure out dinner and play some WoW.

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