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#7180: And on the second day....

Just read the headline and try not piss yourself laughing: "People's Autonomous Republic of Cap Hill Gets Rid of Evil Presence of Police and Within 24 Hours They Have an Armed Warlord Who Beats People Halfway to Death (On Video!) For Spray Painting Grafitti Messages He Doesn't Like". How unexpected! These people are geniuses who know that the founding fathers of the United States got it 100% wrong, and who would do it right if only they were in charge! They'd build a utopia using the blueprint handed down from Marx and Engles, where there's no oppression or racism or bigotry or violence or anything but people living in harmony with each other because everyone is equal!

And here we are. This thing of theirs isn't even well-started and it's already turned into a cosmic shithole in an entirely predictable fashion. I mean that literally: anyone with half a brain and a semi-literate understanding of history and human nature will instantly grasp that when you get rid of government, someone will step in to take on that role.

My only real regret now is that we can't send the entirety of antifa there. Just wall off a big chunk of Seattle and dump them all inside to live out their communist utopia fantasy good and hard. Don't let 'em out until they beg to be allowed to vote for Trump.

* * *

The real hell of political science is that whenever there is a revolution, the new regime always--ALWAYS, as in "every time" always--ends up doing whatever prompted the revolution in the first place. Usually worse. The only variable is how long it takes; sometimes it's immediate, sometimes it happens after a little while.

The American Revolution was prompted by excessive taxation, and a laundry list of incursions against personal liberty (see also "Declaration of Independence"). The regime that replaced the British colonial government now taxes the living shit out of us, and our civil rights are constantly under attack. It's not their fault, though.

Remember Benjamin Franklin said, when asked what kind of government we now had: "A republic, if you can keep it." When I look at him on the $100 bill, the portrait there just radiates disappointment, as if he's thinking, "Well, that's about what I expected."

* * *

Well--it's past 2 AM now. Originally, I got up around 1:30-ish to hit the can; then I wanted a snack. Then I decided to look at AoSHQ's ONT, and below that was the article I linked that prompted this post, because I couldn't wait for tomorrow evening and entirely predictable situation is predictable, and hilarious.

Anyway, back to bed.

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