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#7181: Well, they're going to go extinct, unless....

Watched an ep of Rick and Morty, 4th season, the one with the face-huggers. A couple of weeks later I realized that species is going extinct. SPOILERS!

Standard Alien trope: you get a face-hugger, it lays an egg in your stomach, and then you die when it hatches, right? These things, they lay an egg and then it rips through the bottom of the pelvis, killing the host and the face-hugger. Each generation is twenty-nine minutes long.

Until Summer convinces them they don't have to lay the egg and die immediately.

Every time a face-hugger hatches and takes a host, and lays its one egg, and dies? It's replacing itself but it's not multiplying. So if a face-hugger dies without reproducing itself, the overall number of face-huggers dwindles with time.

Unless there is something out there that we haven't seen which is laying face-hugger eggs, that is.

* * *

Whenever there is any kind of a "hate crime" being committed against black people, just wait--because it will turn out to be a hoax perpetrated by a black person. This is always how it works out. Always.

* * *

So, let's go to antifa's new utopia and see how things are going there.

Crime spikes 300% because--gee--there are no police.</a>

Ace says, correctly, that the left will say, "that wasn't real communism." Moving goalposts is the second skill you need to be a leftist, right behind the "unending hypocrisy" skill.

They're trying to farm! in six inches of soil on top of what--cardboard?--and it looks like some of the plants aren't even actually planted in the ground. A garden the size of an average living room, in six inches of topsoil deposited atop cardboard atop sod--that's not going to grow anything!

I'd be stunned at the naievete on display here if it wasn't so utterly typical of this kind of feckless stupidity.

Meanwhile the people in charge there are extorting fees from business owners. Yes, there are people in charge, and yes, they are less interested in true communism than they are in being rich and powerful. Again: as predictable as the tides.

Every last development carries no shock or surprise, because it always goes the same way every time the left does this.

* * *

I agree, this makes perfect sense. So, alderman, you want to abolish police? Fine--the police will not bother anyone in your ward. We'll concentrate the police in the wards where they are wanted, and not write so much as a parking ticket in your ward. You'll have the police-free utopia you've always wanted!

* * *

"You here because you dumb as fuck!" It starts with "you racist white liberals" and gets better from there. Heh.

* * *

Saw a BLM demonstration on my way home from work. An actual demonstration, people in the parking lot of a church holding up signs and yelling slogans, not beating up police or vandalizing or looting or anything violent.

One wit had a sign that read: "WHITE SILENCE EQUALS VIOLENCE". I'll bet he was proud of it: decent rhyme to it, with a 3-4 syllable structure to the couplet making a nice rhythm for chanting. Of course, it is completely incorrect.

No. A white person's decision to speak, or not to speak, is not violence. Speech is not violence; the lack of speech is not violence, either. Likewise, violence isn't speech. The left wants you to equate those two things so they can dictate what you think by declaring any off-limit speech to be "violence".

Okay? Saying "Abortion is wrong" would be considered violence by the left. Throwing a molotov cocktail into a crowd of pro-life protestors would be considered speech by the left. Is that what you want? Because sooner or later they move the goalposts, and at some point one of your opinions will become "violence", and the people running the show will kill you for it.

* * *

"The Ashanti were known as slave owners and traders." Oh, wait--that's violence, isn't it?

* * *

Gorgeous weather today. Now it's evening.

Mrs. Fungus and I went out to eat again tonight. This time, we went to a teppanyaki place, and had sushi! WOOHOO

Looks like we'll be starting up with the swimming pool stuff this weekend. It's supposed to be a chilly one but we're hoping for hot weather by 4th of July. We'll see, of course.

* * *

And it's Thursday night, and tomorrow is Friday. So, weekend ahead!

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