atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#7183: Sorry, baby--relaxing AIN'T on the menu


I don't remember when I went to bed. It was dark, so it had to be after 8:30 at the earliest; I flopped and was asleep in moments.

Woke up a bit before midnight, not feeling good. Nothing specific, just a generalized feeling of not good which I've come to realize is one of the approximately fifty thousand modes in which I can have a panic attack. You know that sensation you get when you have the flu, where it feels like you're dying? You're not, and you know you're not, but you can't escape the sensation that you are. I'm pretty sure it's the result of your body switching your immune system to high alert and bringing all defensive systems to emergency maximum. Anyway, that's what I woke up feeling like.

I reasoned that a PBJ rarely makes anything worse, so I had one and felt slightly better.

Xanax night, though, decidedly. Usual regime: half a tab, wait twenty minutes to see if it's enough, and if not, take the other half. I don't like taking the stuff; it's powerfully sedating and it makes me logy and stupid for the entire next day. I don't see how people can abuse the stuff and use it to get high; seems to me it would just make you sleep. Maybe it works like quaaludes: you push past the drowsiness and then get high from it? I don't know, and I don't care.

Starting to feel as if half a tab was enough. That's fine.

* * *

My wife re-subscribed to Hulu in order to watch Broad City; at some point we'll need to check out the third season of Orville and see how they did. Meanwhile I've been trying to watch a little anime there.

Chio's School Road is pretty funny. The main character is of course a high school girl, but she's a hardcore PC gamer and frequently stays up far too late playing twitch games. Anyway she finds ways to use her gamer skills in real life, and some of the results are just crazy.

She runs into a delinquent on her way to school and inadvertently antagonizes him, somehow knocking him out in the process. And it gets worse from there. Having read the manga I know how it all turns out, but the way she handles each new twist is just hilarious.

Over the past week or so I've been reading Again!. I think it's drawing to a close now. That's a really good story, though the sudden detour away from the Ouendan and to the drama club was a little forced.

Mado kara Madoka-chan also seems to be winding down...and, if I am right about the meaning of the last panel of chapter 73, is developing approximately how I expcted it to.

* * *

This weekend I want to drain the water heater and cut the grass. Every time they flush the hydrants, the water heater fills up with rust particles, and then the hot water begins to smell like rust, and I don't like it.

...but right now, I should go back to bed.

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