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#7184: Chilly today

10:30 AM and it hasn't even hit 70 yet. Hmm.

* * *

This is what I would do. The city coucil voted unanimously to end the police force? Fine; I'm quitting.

The problem is that a lot of police officers are dedicated to the job they do. They make fun of each other for saying so, but it is quite literally a thankless, necessary job that attracts only two kinds of people: the ones who are in it for the power, and the ones who are in it to make a difference. They try to weed out the former kind and are not always (or even "not usually") successful, but generally speaking the people who stay in the job long-term are the ones who want to contribute to society.

It shows in the fact that they keep doing the job every day despite the fact that the politicians in charge fail to back them up in such spectacular fashion.

Reading Second City Cop every day gives a picture of what it takes to be a police officer in a big city force, in terms of attitude and approach. SCC is someone who takes his job seriously, and who at least portrays himself as someone who wants to make a difference, actually "to protect and serve": to get bad guys (regardless of what color they are) off the streets and in jail where they belong.

And so, most of Minneapolis' police force won't retire or quit, even with this stupid writing on the wall, because they are there specifically to get the bad guys off the streets. Because they know what happens to civil order in that city if they do quit, en masse.

That sense of duty is why Booby Rush had a detail protecting his office in the first place. "[Booby Rush] noted if police needed a break, a police station was nearby. The Wentworth District station is at 5101 S. Wentworth."
So Booby feels it isn't difficult for officers to walk three blocks through a war zone? They had no cars--they were dropped off by bus. But that would have meant abandoning their post--a post ordered by their superiors--to protect the congresscritter's office. You think he'd be the tiniest bit grateful, but that isn't in Booby's character.
I find politicians with that kind of attitude intolerable. If the police had not been there to protect his office he would have screamed bloody murder over it, of course; but being detailed to be there, he hasn't got the slightest bit of consideration for them. It's like Hillary Clinton when her husband was in the White House, abusing her security detail. No gratitude at all, just hatred and condescension and derision.

You know what kind of politician hates police? The dirty one, the corrupt one, the criminal one.

* * *

I never had any interest in seeing Fight Club. (Was the book really written in first-person-present-tense? Blech!)

A metaphor for homosexuality? Oh well.

* * *

Today I need to get a new belt for the pusher and cut the grass. But...not just yet.

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