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#7187: I keep telling you HYPOCRISY IS WHAT THEY ARE

Perfectly safe: any left-wing political rally

Will spread COVID-19 and cause mass death: any right-wing political rally


Like good totalitarians, they're tearing down the statues of our historical figures. Washington and Jefferson are next.

* * *

We're really not all in this together.
Governor J.B. Pritzker's wife and daughter enjoyed the lockdown far from Illinois on their equestrian estate near Palm Beach, and then headed to the 230-acre horse farm in Wisconsin that the Illinois boss had bought his wife as an anniversary present. After claiming that his family deserved privacy and was being endangered by reports of his hypocrisy, the billionaire contended that their travel was essential.

"We have a working farm. They're there now. There are animals on that farm, that it's an essential function to take care of animals at a farm, so that's what they're doing," he argued.

He didn't explain who was taking care of the horses once his wife and daughter went on to Wisconsin.

Then he banned a reporter who had first tweeted about it from his press conferences.

The same media which had howled in outrage when President Trump had dumped CNN and Playboy correspondents for egregious behavior, including assault, had nothing to say about a free press.

Not only was it essential for Pritzker's family to vacation on one massive horse ranch and then another, but it was essential for Illinois workers to travel to Wisconsin to help build a huge home on the ranch. Local residents reported 20 to 30 trucks a day coming from Chicago to labor on this essential project.

"They're operating an essential function. Construction is an essential function," Pritzker whined.
The travel ban wasn't about preventing the spread of the Kung Flu. It was always about control, about making you do what they wanted, about stomping on your face with hobnail boots, as punishment for voting for Trump. The Democrats have the power and they are going to use it to show you who is boss.

* * *

LAPD won't pay for overtime. "Surprise! You're not getting paid!" is probably illegal. Certainly if a private business did something like that--require overtime from all its employees due to an emergency, and then subsequently refused to pay overtime--the government would fall on it like a ton of bricks.

* * *

CHAZ, where the so-called antifa declare their totalitarianist scheme for all to see. "Don't tread on me" was a warning to England not to try to take away civil liberties from her colonies. "WE WILL TREAD" is a promise to stomp on your face.

Believe them. This is a declaration of war on freedom.

* * *

Schroedinger's TASER is simultaneously both lethal and nonlethal. Which it is depends solely on who it's being pointed at.

When police are pointing it at a criminal, it's lethal.

When a criminal is pointing it at police, it's nonlethal.

I hope that helps.

* * *

The fake study that "proved" hydroxychloroquine is unsafe is no longer necessary thanks to the fact that the Health and Human Services department pressured the FDA to withdraw its temporary authorization allowing it to be used against COVID-19.

One way or another, the number of deaths must be maximized lest Trump win a second term. They don't care how many people suffer as long as they beat Trump. The lives of proles are meaningless abstractions.

* * *

The most interesting thing to me, about this most interesting of years (thus far), is how patently obvious the left has made its naked thirst for power. All the masks have been dropped. All pretense is over. Now they stand before us, baldly saying, "We don't care what you want or what you think. We will control your lives, and there is nothing you can do about it, nothing you can say, nowhere you can turn. We will be in charge and you will kneel before us and beg us to let you live."

You think that I'm engaging in hyperbole. You think incorrectly.

* * *

From the apocalyptic to the banal:

Meanwhile, today I got the new seat for my old chair, and in a few minutes I'm going to go reassemble the thing. Then I am going to have a quandary: do I use the old chair or the new one?

Take the new one back?

The major problem with the new chair stems from the fact that it's just not as comfortable as the one it replaces. The seat is more shallow than the display model's was. I can't relax in this chair, not completely. Worse, when I do lean back, the arms raise up and hit the underside of the desk. In order to sit comfortably close to the keyboard and not risk ripping the top of the desk off when I lean back, I have to set the seat height uncomfortably low.

And yet--it's sturdy, more sturdy than any chair I've had for a while. I feel a bit goofy taking it back--but I'm just not satisfied with it, and for $250 I damn well ought to be. You know?


Plus side: I ought to get a good eight, ten months out of the new seat for the old chair. That should give me time to find a better one than this one, I guess.

First world problems, I tell you.

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