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#7188: There's only one response to it.

Somewhere there is a video clip of Eric Cartman laughing uncontrollably at...something. I don't remember what episode it was, I don't remember why he was laughing; all I remember was him laughing, and laughing, and laughing, on and on and on, derisively. I'd like to find it. All I can find is a clip of him laughing at a little person.

If I could find the clip I'm thinking of, I would post it in response to this story: Commie goes to CHAZ, has his stuff stolen, and is criticized for his "privilege" when he complains about it. "Treat it as an unplanned donation. You did good today. I'm proud of you." And then?
They get mad at him for feeling violated. His feeling violated about being ripped off is privilege. Everyone else at the CHAZ deserves his stuff more than he does.

Welcome to the left wing, asshole! THIS IS WHAT YOU WANTED, ISN'T IT?

Of course it's not! He doesn't want his property, his food, his supplies to be taken from him and redistributed. He wants other peoples' stuff to be taken from them and redistributed.

I honestly think that if more fucking useless shitweasels like this had people pointing and laughing at them when they do something so spectacularly stupid, there might be a lot fewer of them out there. Our society should never have gotten rid of shame.

They call themselves "autonomous" but of course they aren't.
This zone's "autonomy" is a lie. [Ray Levy-Uyeda, who writes for] says the city of Seattle has pledged to "clean the area and maintain chemical toilets for those living within the zone." The kids can play as long as mom and dad pick up after them.
They're asking for donations of supplies, too. They have a laundry list of things they need in order to continue to operate as an "autonomous zone".

I say, let's let them form their "autonomous zone" somewhere else. I don't care where; pick a location, somewhere remote. Wall it off, with mines, electric fences, and guards ordered to shoot anyone trying to get out. Give them a perfectly adequate load of supplies, everything they need to survive their first year while they make farms and build houses and so forth.

After that year is over, if any of them are left alive, they will be starving. These are not people who know how to do ANYTHING USEFUL WHATSOEVER. Without civilization, they would all die.

Starting to think that the Golgafrinchans had the right idea with their "Ark Fleet Ship B"....

* * *

If you never read the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy series....

* * *

Sometimes the rules are on our side.

* * *

Chicago's "leadership" demonstrates its complete disdain for the police.
"When you work past 12 [hours] you're entitled to a second lunch. They didn't even get a first one. A lot of 'em were dumped in the middle of these neighborhoods with no rest room whatsoever," the union president said.

"Female officers were literally forced to go into alleys behind dumpsters to use the restroom. There was no food. There was no drink. It was disgusting the planning and preparation for the men and women of this police department that was not done by the upper brass and the mayor."
By doing this kind of thing, the Chicago city government reveals that it hates its police force to the point of not even considering them to be human beings who deserve decent treatment. The Chicago city government is treating its police force like slaves.

* * *

Cue the Cartman laugh track again because in the "Strange New Worlds" series Kirk will be bisexual. On the other hand, all the people who wrote the slash fanfics about Kirk and Spock smoking each others' pickles will finally be able to claim it's canon.

Huh? You think that "boys' love" parodies were invented by the Japanese? Ha! It's been a feature of fandom since Jules Verne's first league under the sea. It's almost a certainty that some pervert in the Victorian era wrote a freakin' crossover where Captain Nemo was plundering Captain Ahab's booty. I'll bet it wasn't even 1820 before someone wrote a fanfic where Viktor Frankenstein lovingly taught his creation about the "joys" of anal sex.

Anyway--taking a long-established character and turning him queer is what these people do, so I'm not surprised by it. Let's face it: James Kirk is an alpha male, and they couldn't leave him alone to be all heroic and manly like that when everyone and everything else in the Star Trek universe is being converted into a pasty pansexual pastiche.

* * *

Well, now it's Tuesday evening, and unless I go cook dinner, we're starving. *sigh*

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