atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#7189: No intemperate remarks, please

Hillary's bitch/running mate Senator Tim Kaine says America invented slavery.

I decided not to say any of the things that this idiotic claim brought to mind. The guy's a moron, and his statement is so stupid I can't even begin to refute it without resorting to an excess of typographic emphasis.

Slavery, though, has existed as long as Man has.

Does Tim Kaine not know about Imperial Rome? Does he not know about the Jews being enslaved in Egypt? He never saw The Ten Commandments?

More likely he's lying about it, hoping it sticks with inner-city blacks who cultivate ignorance because they consider learning to be "acting white".

...which is all I'm going to say.

* * *

Slavery even exists now. The Democrats' new favorite minority, muslims, still keep slaves. Oh! Not here (not yet, anyway) but in Africa and the middle east.

Europeans in the colonial era didn't sail ships to Africa and then go hunt down people to take as slaves; they didn't need to. Instead they went to well-established ports and bought slaves from Africans and Arabs. Common practice was for a tribe that had been defeated in war to be sold into slavery.

That was blacks capturing and selling other blacks, by the way. Much the same way that a black person in modern America is most likely to be killed, robbed, raped, beaten, or otherwise victimized by another black person, in Africa in colonial times, a black person was most likely to be enslaved by another black person.

How do you like that: history rhymes.

* * *

Okay, as true as that is, it was pretty intemperate. You're not allowed to discuss the facts any longer, because the facts are racist. Right?

* * *

Got some things done today. Tomorrow I have to go to an off-site, and do some things. Whee! After that, return to the office and take care of some other things. It's what I do!

Today I felt like a real IT professional, helping to schedule a walk-through for a data service provider and handling other issues in a timely and professional manner. Whee!

Very nice weather today, too--warm, but not humid, so it's extremely pleasant to be outside rather than O LORD I AM MELLLLLTING.... Promises to be warmer and stickier this weekend, though.

Still, it's cooler this year than last, and we haven't had a day over 90 yet, I don't think.

When I was in middle and high schools, by the time the last two weeks of May rolled around us kids were sweltering in the classrooms. Get to school at 7:30 and it's the same temperature inside the building as out. It gets hotter as the day goes on. Leave at 2:30 and the only difference you can feel upon getting outside is that there's a breeze, but it's a hot breeze and it doesn't help much. When school let out, it would be a little cooler for a while. There would still be some chilly days, too, in early June--"chilly" meaning "lower seventies"--but by the time the summer solstice came around it was just hot.

Now? Well, it's as I said. ...all because I own a house and can have a swimming pool, and do. Of course.

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