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Go to the Twitter embed titled "HOLY SHIT" and listen to it.

Leftist: "Well, of course, what you have there is a self-hating black woman! She's a race traitor who's been brainwashed by Rush Limbaugh and Donald Trump!"

"Civil rights activist": "Well she out there sayin that stuff an she jus actin white so she need to shut up and unnerstan we need reparation money."

Mainstream media reporter: "I know what all those words mean that she's using, but they just don't make any sense put together that way. NOT NEWS"


* * *

He asks them a question, and the response is a VERY LOUD SILENCE.

You see, it's important to realize that all black lives do not matter to the Democrats and the left. The lives of aborted black babies? Totally expendable, they say; they don't matter at all. The lives of black people who were killed by other black people--especially black thugs and criminals? Expendable.

And I say that the Democrats consider them expendable because you don't see protests and rioting and looting going on because of those black lives being cut short. These things only happen when white cops try to arrest a black man, who resists arrest until they have no choice but to shoot him.

Only the lives of of black people who are killed by white police matter to the Democrats. The left doesn't give a rat's ass about the law-abiding blacks who have to live in crime-ridden shitholes because their Democrat politicians won't do anything about the crime and certainly won't let their citizens own guns. Yet when the Democrats find it convenient--when they need things to be really bad--they send out their "community organizers" to whip the ghettos into a frenzy and we have week-long shitfests. They promise that they'll hobble their own police departments so no one has to worry about being arrested. They get up on TV and say things like, "We'll have to give them some space..." to signal to the "community organizers" and the mobs that the police won't stop them.

To the Democrats, the media, and the left, only a bare handful of black lives matter. Which is not surprising considering that Planned Parenthood was originally founded in part to help with the extinction of the black race, the secession of the south and the KKK and Jim Crow were the results of Democrats not liking how things were going, and every time the Democrats have said they are trying to help blacks they end up hurting them.

* * *

So, let's talk about Atlanta.

Second City Cop summarizes the situation. The long and short is that the cop who shot the black guy--having been summarily fired--was then charged with felony murder.

What do you think happened next?

"At shift changes in Atlanta last night a large number of officers turned in their badges and guns." You don't turn in your badge and gun when you knock off for the night; you do that when you decide to quit being a police officer.

No calls being answered in at least two zones, possibly all six because the Atlanta Police Department is seriously understaffed.

From what I've seen, the media are downplaying this.

That last link includes a bunch of stuff, including the fact that the Georgia Bureau of Investigation had not yet delivered the results of its investigation to the DA's office, yet this DA charged this cop with a crime that carries the death penalty...meaning that the charge is entirely political in nature.

Well: if it makes a bunch of Atlanta cops summarily quit their jobs then it seems like a spectacularly boneheaded move, doesn't it?

Atlanta's mayor is, of course, surprised.

Let's face it: you don't do anything and a bad guy kills you, or you defend yourself and get gigged for felony murder. What's the point?

* * *

Autoplay warning, but worth it: She thought that the mask would hide her identity. She thought wrong. HAAAA HA HA HA HA FUCKING HA YOU STUPID ANTIFA BITCH

Woman who firebombed two police cars got arrested by the FBI, because a) tattoo visible in video and b) wearing a shirt she bought from Etsy and used her real name to buy and comment on.

If you're going to commit a felony, you may want to cover your tattoos and other distinguishing marks. Maybe wear plain clothes bought with cash from Walmart or somewhere. The idea is not to give people any way to identify you so that, y'know, they can't find you and arrest you for being a violent piece of shit.

* * *

Seriously: have none of these people ever watched television? As a kid I watched all kinds of shows, and the crime dramas convinced me never to commit a crime for which I didn't want to do the time, because they will find you if they really want to.

* * *

Well, that's interesting, isn't it?
Some quick back-of-the-envelope math will suffice. An "agricultural laborer"--surely we agree slaves were that?--in 1860 made, on average, 97 cents a day. Round that up to a dollar, multiply by six days a week, and you get $6 a week. Multiply that by 50 (let's give everyone two weeks' vacation) and you get $300 per year. A "prime field hand" in 1860 cost $1600, purchase price. Plus all his "maintenance and upkeep," year-round, for life. It's grossly inefficient, what with agriculture being a largely seasonal occupation and all. And that's before you factor in the mechanization trend that was already well underway at the time of the Civil War.
Well, on the other hand of that? You paid $1,600 once, and as long as you got more than six years' worth of labor out of him, you probably came out ahead.

Figure that a "prime field hand" was probably good for ten to fifteen years' worth of labor--the longer you use a slave, the less he costs compared to a paid laborer. "Maintenance and upkeep" (food, shelter, clothing, medical care) probably cost a lot less than $300 a year.

Still, it's a compelling argument. I'll say what I say every time: regardless of circumstance, slavery was doomed to extinction in nineteenth century America. It would not have lasted because it could not last. It's an economic institution, and it only lasts as long as it's economically viable; the instant there is another way, it's dropped like a hot potato because of the inefficiency mentioned above.

* * *

Remember that Jews are the canary in the coal mine. If you judge a political movement by its treatment of the Jews, you will very rarely be wrong about whether that movement is good or evil. Anitsemitism is always a very bad sign.

* * *

Fauci admits to lying about the efficacy of cloth masks which leads me to wonder what else he lied about?
He explained that public health experts "were concerned the public health community, and many people were saying this, were concerned that it was at a time when personal protective equipment, including the N95 masks and the surgical masks, were in very short supply."
You know what else he lied about: "social distancing" and the need for the lockdowns.

So, he's out there admitting that he lied about it and is trying to justify the lies, but I think the most important thing we should take away from all this is NEVER TRUST DR. FAUCI BECAUSE HE IS A FUCKING LIAR and leave it at that.

* * *

Offsite this morning--then back to the office, where I updated my tickets, took care of my expenses, and...uh. Yeah. Well!


There will be more work soon, though.

Lunchtime I rode the bike back to work from home, and was tempted just to ride right past the building and go, go, go. Knowing that I would be sitting in my office for four hours doing nothing (unless something came in) it was hard to turn on that turn signal and put on the brakes...but I did.

And I sat in the office and waited for work until 5 PM, when I went back outside and rode the bike home, which was exhilirating and fun.

I know that this is temporary, and that when the lockdown is completely over I'll be I'd better enjoy it while I can.

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