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The guy whose death touched off all the rioting and looting was higher than a kite. How high? Try three times higher than a fatal dose high.

Unlike Vox Day I am not a conspiracy theorist, so I don't think someone gave the guy all that fentanyl. I think he had it on him and swallowed it, because he didn't want to get busted with an illegal narcotic on him. Problem is, whatever container it was in leaked, and he went into an "excited delirium (EXD), an episode of violent agitation brought on by a drug overdose, typically brief and ending in death from cardiopulmonary arrest."

Okay, an "excited delirium" is what PCP commonly produces in people. Like, oh, Rodney King. Look, in Health class in high school I was treated to all the horror stories about what people do when they take PCP, so it's not surprising. Fentanyl is seriously nasty stuff, and it's perilously easy to overdose on it.
In one video Floyd is heard shouting and groaning loudly and incoherently while restrained on the ground, which appears to be a sign of the violent, shouting phase of EXD. His ability to resist four officers trying to get him into the squad car is typical of EXD cases. A short spurt of superhuman strength is a classic EXD symptom.
Why did he die? DRUG OVERDOSE. Not police brutality.

It's like I say, over and over again: if you're screaming "I can't breathe!" you are lying.

If you are whimpering: "I...*puff* *puff* *puff*...I can't...*puff* *puff*...breathe" and people have to lean close to hear you, and you're respirating like you just ran a marathon, you're having trouble breathing.

Vod Day is of the opinion that it's possible that one of the cops was paid to give the guy too much fentanyl. I'm of the opinion that the guy had too much fentanyl on him--for whatever reason--didn't want to do another nickel for a drug crime, and ate it.

The left would have gotten its excuse for the riots and looting somewhere else. Something would have happened, sooner or later. If it hadn't been this guy? It would have been the drunk guy in Atlanta, who got shot after taking a cop's taser while resisting arrest.

One of the reasons that Cops got canceled is due to the fact that it showed the depressing regularity with which black people resist arrest. The left didn't have to make something happen; something would have happened all on its own (and did, in Atlanta) even if no one had done a thing to the guy in Minneapolis.

* * *

Predictably, it's "racist", but it's Chicago's lesbian-of-color mayor who is calling it that, because she's the one being skewered by it.

I think it's pretty funny.

* * *

Transgenderism isn't the beginning of child sacrifice. That started in 1974 with Roe v Wade, dude. What some people are doing to their children is merely a new and exciting phase in that happy parade.

* * *

So, eight years ago met Mrs. Fungus, who was then Lemonzen, and we had our first date.

Tonight we celebrated that by going out and eating sushi. Woohoo!

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