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#7194: Now I gotta get used to this one again

So, I mentioned (I think) that the chair company sent me a brand new seat to replace the broken one. Perhaps I didn't; perhaps I only mentioned that it looked that way. Well, they did--I got a brand new seat from them, gratis, shipped to my doorstep. It arrived Tuesday or Wednesday.

I'd asked them if they could please throw in a set of bolts, but they didn't. Oh well. Tried to put it together but didn't have enough bolts that would take any torque, so I resolved to go buy some.

Finally made it to Menard's on Thursday night, after work. Of course their metric bolts section is miniscule and badly-stocked and everything is all higgledy-piggledy, but despite their best efforts I managed to find ten bolts of the correct size which all head instead of socket, but who cares?

Did not take the time to do anything with them until today.

Today's project was to be to get the pusher put together, cut grass, maybe get Buttercup running and take a spin.


To be honest, I'm not actually sure about the exact order in which things went down, so this is kind of freeform.


First off, the cable I ordered for the pusher is for the wrong variety; it's too long. There's no way to adjust it, either. You hook one end to the bracket that's bolted onto the "transmission", and the other end hooks to the handle. If the cable is too long, you're out of luck. If the cable is too short, you're out of luck. It must be exactly the right length in order to work.

Did Toro make one cable fit all of its "Personal pace" 22" Recycler mowers? Why the HELL would they, when there could be fifty thousand variants? So what I need to do now is to get the lawn mower's model and serial numbers, go to the Toro site to use their system to lookup exactly which cable part number I need; then I can order that cable and maybe have it in hand for next weekend.

Then American corporations wonder why the Japanese and Koreans and Chinese eat them alive. *whimper*


I'd previously charged the battery, so I put the battery into Buttercup and tried to find a way to fill the float bowls. Guess what? There's no good way to fill the float bowls when the fuel lines come off with the top plate of the carb and the little accesss holes into them are tiny. Gave 'er a crank and she kind of fired up, but quit as soon as the gas that had dribbled into the carb was gone.

Tried again, hoping that brief run was enough to get some gas to the carb, but no; and further the battery choked out. Hooked it up to the charger. Turned my attention to the accessory belt (singular) which was so loose I didn't know how it stayed on let alone transmit enough torque to the alternator and power steering pump. Moved both of them outward a bit in their adjustment arcs and got the belt tightened to spec.

Let it charge while I took care of some things, then tried again, and it almost started, running for perhaps a second or two before quitting. Then when I tried cranking it again it sounded weird and I kind of panicked. Got Mrs. Fungus out there, pulled off a valve cover, and made sure the valves were moving when the engine cranked--because it was sounding like there was no compression, which would have been REALLY BAD. Like, "pull the engine and fix it" bad.

But no--rockers moved (and yep, they're aluminum roller rockers, as advertised) so I put the valve cover back on and moved forward.

Incidentally: yes I know that in most vehicles you don't need to remove the valve cover. Just seeing one valve rocker moving is enough. But this car has breathers on both valve covers, and so it has baffles behind both of their opening, and so you cannot see rocker motion without removing a cover.

Car would crank a bit and then stop cranking--even after all the charging, it's shot, so I told Mrs. Fungus and we went out to get battery and lawn mower parts. Well--lawn mower parts stores all closed (not even 4 PM!) so that boned me for that. Battery came from O'Reilly's so we went there for one, and also power steering fluid.

Remember, some time ago (last year?), I discovered a puddle of lube under the car and resolved to figure out where it came from? When I was adjusting the power steering pump, the bottom was greasy. I checked the dipstick and it was dry; I stuck a pipe cleaner down the dipstick hole as far as it would go into the reservoir and it came out dry. Mystery solved. So I grabbed a jug of PS fluid, and by the time I was back at the counter the clerk had retrieved a battery for us.

Compared old battery to new--old battery's ends were bulged out, just enough to feel. Ah. home, installed battery, and although Buttercup fired up she wasn't running very well. Shut her off, got the firing order from the Internet, and checked it, because I'd had to remove a spark plug wire to get the valve cover off, and had accidentally dislodged a second. "Best guess" on getting them back together but I frequently guess wrong.

Only, I didn't, this time. Got back in and tried again; and this time I just held my foot on the gas and let her run badly for a little while, figuring there was probably air in the gas lines and crud in the carb--and wouldn't you know it, after a bit it started running a lot better. I was able to ease my foot off the gas pedal, slowly, and when my foot was completely off it idled pretty well.

Let her idle for a bit while I puttered around, every so often reaching for the accelerator lever and goosing her a bit. That car makes quite a racket in an enclosed space (I would still like to install a quieter exhaust system in it) but she didn't miss a beat after that.

But of course, while we were out getting the battery, it started to rain, rather heavily. It seems to have stopped now but we're both back in "indoor" mode so we'll probably just go out tomorrow afternoon.

Thwarted on nearly every front, I turned my attention to the chair. That took only a few minutes to put together. Put it inside, cleaned up, moved the new chair out and the old chair (with new seat) in. Cats immediately decided it was a new and strange scratching post so I had to put it in the truck. I'll take it back tomorrow.

This chair is much more comfortable. A third of the price, not as durable, but definitely a better fit.

The punch line to all this, though, is that when I was first going outside to start all this, there was a big flat box on the front porch, addressed to me...and it was ANOTHER replacement seat for this chair. So the next part to break on this chair will not be in the seat; bet money on that.

As for me, I'm sweaty and tired and stink of gasoline and feel a little sick after running the car in an enclosed space--oh, I had both doors open but a V8 makes a lot of exhaust and there's not a lot of wind today. I'll be all right, though; I figure I need to eat dinner but otherwise I'll be okay.


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