atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#7195: Gee, I forgot about that

Watching Ranma 1/2 on Hulu--

The first 13 eps had the dippy "Yappa Paa" opening theme. Ep 14 started with a new OP and for a moment I thought I'd slipped up and ended up with season 2. Had to double-check it--but no, first season, ep 14, new OP and ED.

It's been so long since I watched any of this, it's hard to remember the details.

It's really nice to have the second monitor next to the Giganto-tron, because I can run Hulu in a browser on that one while I do whatever it is I'm doing on the main one. Having seen it a few times already I don't need to pay rapt attention to it.

So I let it run during WoW or other things. It's really entertaining.

* * *

Aieee, "Don't Mind, Lai Lai Boy"! I forgot that was the ED for season one eps 14-26.

* * *

Well--Summer solstice is today and today's nearly over. Summer has begun!

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