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#7197: I just faded out

Took the chair back. Went to the grocery store. Got home and had dinner...and then I just faded out. not even 7:30, and I was falling asleep sitting in my rocking chair, so.


Woke up at 9:30 and I don't feel any better. Argh etc.

* * *

Autoplay warning but I'm calling "hoax" right now because whenever a black person reports a "hate crime" (such as the only black NASCAR driver who recently grabbed the national spotlight finding that someone put a noose in his garage) it always, always, ALWAYS turns out to be a hoax. It has never not turned out to be a hoax.

Never heard of Bubba Wallace prior to the latest protest/riots/looting episode. Then suddenly NASCAR had an all-black "Black Lives Matter" car and this guy started pushing NASCAR to ban Confederate flags yada yada, and he had the national spotlight for a little while because of all that. Coincidentally enough, just as people are beginning to talk about something else, now someone puts a noose in his garage? Oh but he never saw it, oh no, one of his mechanics found the noose. So now NASCAR sports coverage will be talking about Bubba Wallace for another two weeks.

Funny how that works.

* * *

So, quite unexpectedly, CHAZ or CHOP or whatever it's called today has devolved into a shithole of violence, crime, and rape, because anarchy.

If I were in charge in Seattle--well, if I were in charge there this shit never would have been allowed in the first place, but assuming someone there said, "Wait--Atomic Fungus! He will save us!" the first thing I would do would be to cordon off the area--prevent anyone and anything from going in or out. No one gets in, and especially no supplies get in. Next, shut down the utilities. No electricity, no internet, no gas, and no water.

Then I'd set up loudspeakers which would play a continuous loop of admonitions for the assholes to surrender peacefully, interspersed with classical music.

Anyone who wants to come out with his hands up, we let him. There is only one point where that is possible, and it's not a place you can run through without being in the line of fire of several snipers. When someone comes out we do a background check on him; if he's from the area we take him to a hotel and put him up for the duration. If he is not from that neighborhood, though, he's booked and sent to jail, charged with sedition and whatever other crimes can be hung on him for this shitstickery.

Anyone tries to shoot his way out? Too bad for him.

But I've got no patience for this anti-civilizational bullshit. I'm old-fashioned; I believe in maintaining public order and not giving in to the temper tantrums of a bunch of assholes. I believe in shooting looters, and I believe in arresting rioters, and I have no sympathy for criminals who get killed while resisting arrest.

...because these black men who get killed while resisting arrest, they always seem to have rap sheets. I've never heard a story about a black man who graduated summa cum laude from Harvard Medical getting shot while resisting arrest. It's always some street thug or ex-convict who resists arrest and gets himself beaten or ventilated. And they always resist arrest in these cases; it's never--I mean never--a cop saying, "You're under arrest!" and then going right to the billy club or the taser.

I could understand that. I could understand being angry because a cop did something like that, beating or otherwise mistreating someone who was compliant. But that's not what happens. The guy in Atlanta, he resisted arrest. The guy in Minneapolis, he resisted arrest. The guy in Ferguson, he resisted arrest. Rodney King, he resisted arrest.

The really strange thing here--I know!--is that if these men had not resisted arrest, but complied with the police when they gave completely legal orders, they'd still be alive now.

And don't give me that bullshit about how they resist arrest because they're afraid they'll never see light of day again. These guys have been in the system before and they know what to expect. Further, you know as well as I do that these guys know they did what they're being arrested for, and ought to know that they can be out on bail in a matter of hours if the DA even decides to prosecute.

Atlanta, Minneapolis, Ferguson, LA--the crimes committed were all misdemeanors. Driving while intoxicated, shoplifting, trying to pass funny money. In the latter case, unless he had a wallet full of those bills he could have easily claimed ignorance: "I didn't know it was fake!" He probably would have been out of the system entirely the next morning--the DA might have said, "No evidence, dismiss it." But the drugs--

These aren't Rhodes Scholars, nor are they pillars of the community. They're men with criminal histories, and at the time of their fatal interactions with police they are in the process of committing a crime. If I were black I would not be protesting the police; I'd be protesting the fact that none of my peers appeared to have a lick of sense in their fool heads.


So, it's good that I'm not in charge, not in Seattle or anywhere. To be honest I believe that President Trump's complete "hands off" policy, letting the states and cities handle their own bullshit, is the right way to go. Let them own their messes, let them clean it up--because the longer this CHAZ/CHOP horseshit goes on, the worse the left looks.

* * *

A police officer spells it out.
So, go ahead and defund the police if you want. You will deserve the police you get and the community that results. I suggest you begin to place the blame where it belongs. Start with the family that neglects their children; the neighbors afraid to take any action when they see criminal behavior. Blame the preachers who care more about their collection plate then eliminating problems in their communities. Blame the aldermen who only worry about the kickback they get from the realtor looking to sell a property and the gang donations to their reelection campaigns. Blame the mayor who revels in the sense of power and the under-table money they make. Blame the judges who are more concerned with reelection then criminal justice. Blame the main-stream media who slant and bend stories to increase their own personal agenda rather than show journalistic integrity and report something accurately.

There is a long list of those that should be blamed and defunded before you ever get to the police. If you did, you might find at that point any problem with the police will probably have gone away.
Believe it.

* * *

The left scores an own goal when trying to screw up Trump because they can't resist bragging about it.

* * *

The communist playbook has been understood by those who oppose them for more than seventy years, so why have they managed to get as far as they have?

* * *

Well, today's a loss. Might as well get some sleep, I guess.

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