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#7198: The NASCAR noose was a pull rope for the garage door

Somehow, this turkey managed to report a "hate crime" that was worse than a hoax. It's called "being stupidly oversensitive and oblivious". I mean, on the plus side, it actually is the first time I've heard about a "hate crime" that wasn't a deliberate hoax, perpetrated by the alleged victim himself; but to be walking through the garage and see the handle which is used to haul down the main door and start wetting your pants over a "noose"--to the point that the FBI is called in to investigate--it just seems like a surrealistic level of idiocy.

Of course, it wasn't Bubba Wallace who saw the garage door pull rope, and reported it. Oh no! But whoever it was should be hit repeatedly with a CLUE-BY-FOUR.

The stupidity here might have be excused--BARELY--if the garage assigned to Bubba Wallace had been the only one with such a loop in its pull rope, but every garage bay door at that track has one.

By the way? It's not a "noose", because a "noose" is a specific kind of slipknot. This is a loop, a knot tied specifically so the loop of rope won't constrict. And it's extraordinarily common to put such a loop in a garage door pull, because to pull on a straight piece of rope requires that the person trying to lower the garage door exert a much greater amount of grip strength than if he can yank on a loop.

It's not a hoax, though! It's not a hoax in the most ridiculous way possible, of course, but it actually is not a hoax. I guess that's something.

* * *

Brief off-site this morning, then to the office; and closed a couple of items and worked a couple of issues. But a slow day, even so. Which is both good and bad.

Mrs. Fungus and I were chatting until midnight last night; and then after getting to bed around 1-ish, I woke up several times on the way to the normal wakeup time. Because panic attack, of course. Half a tab of Xanax took care of that, but guess what it meant for me at work today?

When things are slow, when you have to sit in a chair and cannot lie down, when your entire body screams for sleep--I don't know how many times I nodded off today. I was playing that "Castle Wreck" game and fell asleep after finishing wrecking the castle, and dreamed some byzantine and weird bonus score screen in the approximately thirty seconds I was asleep.

Under five hours' sleep plus Xanax--as long as I had something to occupy my attention I was fine, but the instant I had nothing specific on my mind, ZZZZZZ.

So, yeah--came home and went right to bed. Had to stop to get Mrs. Fungus' pills, but got home not too much later than usual, and flopped. Next thing I know it's 8 PM.


* * *

To have something to do yesterday, I transcribed the extant pages of Chicory to text, because I've been thinking that I'd probably make more progress on it if I were to do it as a light novel. It reads all right, but today I could not add anything specific to it even though I figured out what the next development has to be. Nothing is holding my attention lately. I'm stuck in a morasse of ennui.

Weather is forecast to be cool and clear for the next few days. If I had been capable of sentient thought, I would have left my laptop at work tonight and planned on riding the bike tomorrow--but apparently such an intellectual leap was beyond my semi-somnolent state this afternoon. *sigh*

But as I've said before, "they also serve, who only stand and wait" because there needs to be someone on-site to help in critical situations. And in the nearly nine months that I've been there, I've had very hectic weeks and I've also had weeks like these. Further, throughout my career in IT, it's always been slower in the summer months, anyway.

* * *

Today is Tuesday, but it's nearly over. I guess that helps.

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