atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#7199: Two fire trucks

Yesterday, got to work, sat at my desk, handled a couple minor things, then got out my PBJ in order to eat it. I took one bite and the disaster alarm went off.

Me: They didn't have a drill scheduled, did they? Nope. WTF.

Sighing, I got up--sandwich still in hand, one bite out of it--grabbed my Mountain Dew, and headed for the assembly point. I was the first person out of the office area; there were already guys in hard hats at the assembly points for their sections.

I didn't hurry, I didn't panic, I just walked to where I'm supposed to go, and then stood there eating my sandwich and watching the building for any sign of...well, anything.

Two fire trucks came. No ambulances, thank God; firemen went inside with a couple of managers, managers came out; after a while the firemen came out and the "all clear" was given.

If it had been a drill the fire department would not have come, so it was something real. No one was wearing any hazmat gear, so it wasn't a large loss of containment. There are several reagents they use there which are utterly harmless (lauric acid, for example, which is a fatty acid found in all kinds of things, including human breast milk) and several others which are really bad for you.

No one's said anything about what happened but I expect that'll come with time.

* * *

Netflix categories de-mystified. Hoo-rah, or something.

* * *

Mrs. Fungus and I went out to dinner again tonight. Look: three months of forced eating at home helped us save a lot of money, enough that we can afford to do something like this three weeks in a row.

Steaks. Big steaks. The kind of steaks you currently can't buy in supermarkets. Cooked, brought to you, with two sides, for what you would pay for lesser steaks in the supermarket.


* * *

Anyway, that was a tiring day. So, going to go relax.

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