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#7201: I'd be right there with him.

Useless shitheads want John Lennon's "Imagine" to replace "Star Spangled Banner". Larry Correia says he'll start building a killdozer if that happens.

"Imagine" is treated as if it's the greatest achievement of western civilization by leftists, especially Boomer leftists. Because it was written by John! Lennon! of course, who was in the Beatles!

The first of them to die, only 40 years old (forget "trust no one over 40", he wasn't over 40 yet!) and assassinated--if he hadn't been killed at age 40, but instead had lived on to fade into asininity like McCartney, his attempts at "art" becoming ever-more ridiculous, I wonder how lionized he and his parvum opus would be?

McCartney--as nuts as he is--at least had the advantage of writing a few catchy tunes after leaving the Beatles. I don't know how the songs would have been received if they had been written and performed by "Bill Mackledorf and Wings" (all else being equal) but "Band on the Run", "Live and Let Die", and "Let 'Em In" alone would have made for a respectable career for any pop band in the 1970s (and they had several other hits besides). Not high art, but not whiny drivel, either.

Unlike, say, "Imagine", which is a song that is about as profound and lofty as any other communist folk song, and less catchy. (FFS "If I Had a Hammer" at least has a jaunty tune.)

Lennon's song does not describe a utopia, but a stark, barren hell where life is utterly meaningless and devoid of anything that's good and worthy. People are meat robots; there's no point to aspiring to be anything else, to build, to dream, to wonder. No point to being good or evil. The song pleads with people to reduce themselves to being a single herd of animals that never bother trying to do anything lasting, but just do whatever they want, when they want, because existence is pointless.

I think Larry Correia's description is apt, and I especially liked the way he evoked that stupid hat that hipsters like to wear (the "trilby", it's called). Any time I see someone wearing one of those--particularly someone under the age of 30--I am seized with the urge to knock it off his head, with a baseball bat. There is no surer indicator of an infuriating person than a trilby.

* * *

Finally, I do believe I have all the parts I need to fix the damned pusher. Ordered the specific part number for the traction cable, and took the V-belt to Ace and got one that's a hair smaller than the existing belt.

I assume, of course, that the existing belt stretched a bit in use, or at least wore down some. I had two choices in belts: one was a hair longer, the other a hair shorter, and I went with "shorter" for that reason. We're talking about a fraction of an inch in circumference.

The cable length is the critical bit. The one I bought is supposed to be an exact replacement for Toro part number 115-8435. We'll see how I did.

The grass does not need cutting, though; I cut it Wednesday after work. But as long as I can get the pusher put back together and functional, I can then cut the grass when it needs it.

* * *

Today we expect to haul out the pool and start it filling. Whee. Independence Day is next week, but it will fill in an afternoon, and a week should be enough time to get the chemistry mostly settled down. Temperature is what I'm most worried about, but again a pool this size doesn't take a very long time either to heat up or cool down.

* * *

Someone posted a lovely picture of, I take it, George Takei at a young age, standing with some other Americans of Japanese descent standing by a barbed wire fence. The photo was captioned with text to the effect that he was going to grow up to uncritically support the political party that put him and his family into a concentration camp.

I now cannot find where I saw that picture, nor the picture itself, which annoys me. I've gone through the blogroll three times now, and still can't find it. *sigh*

* * *

"Mr. Dent, have you any idea how much damage this bulldozer would suffer if I were to let it roll straight over you?"

The communist insurgents lay down in front of the construction equipment that arrived to remove the concrete barriers that define CHAZ/CHOP/whatever it is this week. The police are not allowed to use violence to remove the insurgents, so the construction equipment turned around and went home.

...all of this happening against the backdrop of an enormous lawsuit brought against city of Seattle by small businesses operating therein:
"(T)his lawsuit is about the constitutional and other legal rights of plaintiffs--businesses, employees and residents in and around CHOP--which have been overrun by the city of Seattle's unprecedented decision to abandon and close off an entire city neighborhood, leaving it unchecked by the police, unserved by fire and emergency health services and inaccessible to the public at large," the lawsuit says, Q13 FOX reported.

The plaintiffs allege that city leaders provided the demonstrators with barriers, public restrooms and medical supplies--in effect supporting the occupation of the neighborhood and hindering the efforts of local businesspeople, employees and residents to reach their buildings, receive deliveries and provide services, the Seattle Times reported.
My emphasis. The city of Seattle should have provided no such succor or solace to the INSURGENTS.

"Insurgents", NOT "demonstrators". Demonstrators, or protestors, assemble peaceably and carry signs and shout slogans. The forcible seizure of territory, the expulsion of police and other government officials, and all the other features of CHAZ/CHOP, these are actions of rebels, insurgents, traitors, even terrorists.

The city government should not have provided them with jack shit; by doing so, they gave aid and comfort to a group of seditious insurgents--traitors--against the interests of the law-abiding, taxpaying citizens of the city. Giving aid and comfort to traitors is itself treason.

Corporations that can leave Seattle are wise to do so. The writing is on the wall: the city has proven that it will not act to prevent, stop, or even mitigate the efforts of communist radical terrorists like antifa. They have simply been allowed to take over a large area within the city, no attempts have been made to remove them, and no requests have been made of the state government to help get rid of them; in fact the city helped them.

Why should any corporation risk having their corporate location being part of the next "CHOP/CHAZ"? What if the terrorists take over someone's high-rise, holding all the corporate employees therein hostage? What if the downtown business area with all those big corporations ends up under siege for a month because the city government can't be fucked to stop an insurrection?

The bigger a business is, the more it costs to put it on hold. The last thing any company can afford is to shutter its headquarters for months at a time; although some business can continue, it's still a money-losing proposition. If you're paying $50,000 a month rent for your offices and you can't use them, can you still generate revenue to cover that expense if the people who work in those offices can't get to them? To say nothing of what happens if the building is looted or burned out and your entire office is gutted--insurance will cover the loss but what about the time it takes to outfit a new space and transition into it? In an emergency, where you no longer have an HQ, that costs a lot more money than if you do it now, before there's an emergency, when you can plan each step.

No. If I have a major business in Seattle, in light of these events I think long and hard about moving the hell out of there, and to a city where they still value law and order.

* * *

And by the way, if you can continue business as usual without your corporate headquarters, why the hell are you even bothering to maintain such a presence? Simplify and reduce your expenses! Your stockholders will thank you for it.

Also by the way, rent is just the first cost of maintaning that office. There's insurance and utilities and taxes and supplies and-and-and....

* * *

Hard to believe it, but June is just about over already. Independence Day is a week from today, FFS.

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