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#7202: There is a limit, isn't there?

So, I've been reading Saki--there's rather a lot of it extant, so it's been taking a while--and I've noticed two things about the art in it.

First off, the cast is nearly entirely female, which is fine, but the artist apparently has two body types to work with:

1) Pettanko, absolutely no boobs whatsoever. Saki herself and her taco-loving teammate (who abruptly started adding "djey" to the end of her sentences for no fathomable reason) are in this category, being sub-A cups; as are club president Hisa and vice-president, whatever her name is, who are probably A-cups at most.

2) WTF, approximately all the boobs. Girls with stupidly enormous breasts, bigger than their heads, to the point that the character designs don't even make sense. Nodoka falls in this category, but she's only the beginning. She, at least, still looks human. There's an opponent character who shows up later with breasts so large, they push her right into the abyss of the Uncanny Valley.

Secondly, none of them wear underwear.

It's hinted at all over the place in the early parts of the thing, but as time goes on the artist makes it ever more obvious that none of the characters--absolutely none of them, without exception--wears panties. The character designs are typical manga character designs and the school uniforms all feature mini skirts, and all the girls are wandering around without panties. And no they are not wearing thongs, because there have been several panels which made that abundantly clear. The girls with giganto-tits aren't wearing bras, either.

Saki is a story about a mahjongg club going to the nationals. There is absolutely no sex in it whatsoever--not even romance, no kissing, nothing--so the, uh, fan service? is entirely superfluous to the actual plot. In fact, 90% of the story--95%--is girls playing mahjongg, which is a bit tedious considering that the rules for mahjongg make poker look like tiddlywinks; and I never understand why a girl who was losing two panels ago suddenly wins the hand. There are little bits, here and there, of a background story, but it does not move quickly.

For a while, the translators were putting a couple of pages in each chapter which explained the scoring rules for Mahjongg. I tried to read them, but had to give up, because it just turned to noise after a while: there's too much jargon.

Mahjongg nerds have to love this, though. I'm just reading to find out what the hell left Saki estranged from her sister, and who was the girl in the wheelchair? (Anyone who tells me gets perma-banned.)

* * *

Pool went up yesterday. This morning I've discovered that the inflatable ring has a slow leak in it, because after filling it around 6-ish when it was still warm, it deflated by midnight. I thought it was air temp and pumped it back up, but no--this morning, same thing. So I'll be going around the perimeter with a bottle of soap solution, spritzing it and trying to find the leak, and then patching it. Argh etc.

* * *

No BLM protests allowed in Beverly Hills because the rich people might be inconvenienced.

* * *

Minneapolis abolished the police. To replace them, "Department of Community Safety and Violence Prevention".

Which will become, at some point, Stalinist stormtroopers.

* * *

Now, this certainly sounds interesting, but not $16 interesting.

* * *

Up too early after being up too late--back to bed.

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