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#7203: This is a short week, anyway

Taking Friday off because of the holiday weekend. I was not given a choice in the matter, though I had already put in to have Friday off before it was announced that we had to take Friday off regardless.


All of my plans for today went right out the friggin' window. Woke up with a headache; had a PBJ and some Tylenol, then went back to bed after writing the first post. Woke up with worse headache, and feeling sick to my stomach to boot. Ate another PBJ and tried to tough it out, and went to work on finding the leaks.

Pumped it back up, started spraying the entire inflatable support ring (ISR) with soapy water, found nothing. Ran out of power and came back inside; got an ice pack and took Ibuprofen. Laid down and slept for a couple of hours, after which the headache had mostly receded but I was left still feeling sick to my stomach. But I was hungry, and Mrs. Fungus was hungry, so I cleaned the grill and attached the new propane tank and fired it up, preparing to grill brats for me and kielbasa for her.

Got the sausages on the grill and then looked at the pool. Having checked the entire outside of the ISR with soapy water and finding nothing, I reasoned that the leak must be on an inner surface--so all I had to do was to grab it and squeeze while pushing down, and any leak would become apparent by the bubbles it would emit. I pumped it back up...and it worked! I found a cut, about 1/8", approximately 180° around the circumference of the thing from the inflation port. Checked the sausages, then came inside to find the patch kit.

Too excited about finding the leak--should have put it off until after the sausages were cooked. But I found the patch kit--which impressed my wife--and went out to patch the hole in the ISR.

...big smoke coming from grill. Uh oh. The kielbasa--one side split and charred, because I'd put them over the hottest part of the grating--and the brats were merely getting there.

My poor wife. But I patched the hole in the ISR and it seems to be holding pressure now.

I tightened--again--the outlet port's cap. It's going to be tomorrow before I'll know if I stopped that leak. What I might do is to buy some underwater tape of some kind and slap a piece of thick plastic over that area, using the waterproof tape to hold it in place. Assuming that "underwater tape" exists.

I do not want to drain the whole damned pool just to fix a slow leak, but I also do not want the back yard to be a swamp and to constantly need to replenish the pool.


Last year I had to do an emergency drain and stow on the thing. September was too busy and it wasn't until October that I managed to make the time--mostly because we got a freeze warning--and when it was put away I did the job...haphazardly...which is how the ISR got nicked in the first place.

So, a few things need to happen. First off, when we're done with the pool, take it down properly. Second, in APRIL OR MAY start work on making a level patch of ground on which to site the damned pool. That will involve building a form and having a truckload of sand brought in, and renting a compactor, but the result will be a level area in which to put the swimming pool.

I keep thinking, "build a brick patio to put it on" but that's about a million hours of work. Having a 15' square sandbox ought to do it. (Except that "15' square sandbox" is about 80% of the work of "patio" and then it's just a matter of setting the bricks in place and running the compactor one more time.)

The 15' pool is about the right size for us, I think. We just need a level place to put it.

* * *

Just about 10 PM and it's 79 outside.

Been seeing a lot of fireflies, which is extra nice.


* * *

Reading a manga series called The Story Between a Dumb Prefect and a High School Girl with an Inappropriate Skirt Length and I absolutely love the character designs. The eponymous "dumb prefect" has this heavy-browed, "wide-eyed fanatic" look about him that I've not seen before in manga, and it gives the impression of a guy with a heavy forehead very nicely.

Quite a nice story.

* * *

Meanwhile, Mrs. Fungus was having a look at what's available on Netflix, thinking about canceling it since we haven't been watching much there, and she remembered that she'd enjoyed Disastrous Life of Saiki K when she'd seen a bit of it here and there. So, she started from the beginning, and I'm watching too, because it's still just as hilarious the second time as it was the first.

* * *

Gotta get a haircut this week, damn it. Tired of having this shaggy-ass mop of hair.

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