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#7204: MAN was it hot outside!

Had to visit both my offsites today. Went to the near one, went home and got lunch, then went to the far one. F-ing hot and no AC in the Jeep.

Back to the office to handle paperwork, big rainstorm came through.

Then had to go get kitty medicine from a place in Crown Point. 45 minute drive from work; I left early to get there before they closed. Ride was a pleasant temperature, at least. On the way home from there I took a little detour to try to get some pictures of the epic squall line that was approaching. Got some, didn't do it justice. Oh well.

* * *

George Washington Carver didn't invent peanut butter.

* * *

Major crime wave in NYC.

Typical Chicago.

Democrat paradises both.

* * *

Aging black sportsball player is upset that the contract he signed isn't as good as the contract much younger white players signed.

It's racism, of course, and not the fact that he's simply not going to perform as well as younger players will.

* * *

The left may have made a mistake. Their rioters and thugs and looters may have stopped listening to them.
The longer this goes on, the clearer it becomes that it’s a Left civil war. The longer the dogs are off the leash, the less the chances they’ll ever go back on without a major ass-whooping… which they themselves, the ostentatiously #Woke, will have to beg the Fascist-in-Chief to provide.
* * *

I'm going to go see if I can convince my wife to watch more Saiki.
Tags: #woke

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