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#7205: Man, am I moist.

Decided to go get a haircut! on the bike and rode towards the nearest open SuperCuts, which is in Tinley Park. Weather had other ideas; halfway there the skies did open up and the Deluge did begin, yea, verily. Pulled off the road to see if I could mitigate the soaking I was getting, ended up in the mud; the bike fell over and I hopped off, unhurt. If I had to drop the bike, especially in the rain, that was the way to do it.

Anyway, after righting the bike I realized I had nothing which would help, so I got back on and headed onward. Got most of the way to my destination and pulled into the first gas station I'd seen since the rain started, to take stock.

I was f-ing soaked to the skin, except for where my butt contacted the bike. There was no way I could get a haircut in that condition, so I called the place and canceled my appointment, turned around, and headed home.

I was a bit nervous about riding in the rain, but I lived, so it's all good. Maybe I should invest in a rain suit....

* * *

Now we must assume that at least one person in the mob surrounding our cars is going to shoot at us. So if you are being mobbed, stand on the gas and GTFO of there.

* * *

Minneapolis looks like a war zone. Well, I suppose it is one.

* * *

NASA is just dicking around. Okay: the thing is, when you're talking about sending something to another planet, there are economical orbits and there are orbits that are less so. Because we can only give our space vehicles little kicks, we need to plan to launch things at times when the trip won't take much time or energy.

The window to get a new rover to Mars closes in August. NASA is frittering time away on nonsense. I'm not sure when the next window opens but I'm betting it will be at least a year before the planets are aligned correctly again.

* * *

This is an absolutely lovely idea. It's a shame that it's BLEEDING IMPOSSIBLE.

Short form: "Transgender women should be allowed womb transplants so they can have their own babies".

I suppose they should be. Let's face it: when a man has the surgery to change his appearance into something more closely resembling a female, the surgically-created vagina analog has to have daily maintenance in order to keep it from closing up. The patient must spend time every day inserting objects into the vagina-like structure to prevent the masculine DNA from closing the hole. If instead this person were to be given an actual vagina and uterus and ovaries etc, that would probably not happen. The vagina is not just a hole; it's an actual organ, just like the intestines are.

But there is a problem with this idea.

You see, like all living organisms, humans have an immune system. If you take Bill's kidney and transplant it into Joe, without checking to see how compatible they are, you've just found an expensive and complex way to kill Joe, unless you get extremely lucky.

Transplants have to be matched, you see. Blood type seems to be the major determinant; but even when everything matches perfectly the recipient still has to take immunosuppressant drugs to prevent rejection of the transplanted organ. Otherwise, his body sees the foreign tissue as a threat and acts to destroy it.

The more specialized the tissue is, the less incompatible it is, generally speaking. That's why cornea transplants are typically so successful. But let's face it: if you're transplanting an entire female reproductive system including ovaries into another person, it's flat-out not going to work and the recipient will reject it, because there's a lot of stuff in those organs which is highly non-specialized tissue.

But that problem pales in comparison to the question of whose reproductive system do you transplant? What woman is going to want to donate her entire reproductive system? Maybe the uterus and ovaries, sure, if she's done with them or doesn't ever plan to have kids--but not the vagina.

Do you take them from organ donors, the fresh corpses from which transplant surgeons harvest their supplies? That makes the supply highly random. Transsexuals are already unhappy that they had to wait because of COVID-19; what will happen when they have to wait for a woman with the right blood type and Rh factor to get killed in an accident which somehow spared her nether organs?

I do not have any answers, only questions.

* * *

Anyway, I guess that's that for today. *sigh*

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