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#7206: Serious pie-in-the-sky

Another "green new deal" which will wreck the economy and not fix the alleged problem.
A House committee tasked with managing the global climate crisis this week unveiled an ambitious, detailed policy-package proposal. It brings the United States to net-zero emissions, protects vulnerable communities, and helps limit global warming to an increase of 1.5 degrees.
Really? It limits global warming to 1.5 degrees, eh? (I thought it was "climate change" now.)

The first problem with this plan is that the United States is no longer the #1 emitter of aerosol crap any longer. That prize is shared by China and India. If you want to "limit global warming to an increase of 1.5 degrees" you're going to have to get them to curtail their emissions, too.

Of course--weasel word, "helps limit". Having the USA wreck its economy in order to cut its emissions might prevent half a degree of warming, so if China and India push us above 2 degrees, hey! It's closer to 1.5 than 2.5 is! Right?

...of course the entire anthopomorphic global warming premise, that human carbon emissions are causing the planet to warm, has been almost entirely discredited due to the fact that global temperature has not risen at all even as carbon dioxide concentrations have continued to rise. And we're setting new cold records every year. That's the second problem with this idiocy; it's wrecking our economy to do nothing useful whatsoever about the alleged problem.

And of course:
The report specifically cites the way oil and gas companies can deduct "intangible drilling costs" as one potential target, which could generate $13 billion in revenue over a decade. Another deduction Congress should eliminate is one that allows independent oil and gas producers to deduct 15 percent of their gross income from a well's annual production—a deduction that can "exceed capital costs," the report notes. Altering that provision in the law would generate $12 billion over the next decade, the authors estimate.
So, let's add both of those estimates together. That's $25 billion dollars over the course of a decade, or $2.5 billion per year.

...out of a $4,000 billion budget. $2.5 billion is 0.0625% of annual federal spending.

Okay, that means that when you tot up everything that the feds spend money on, our government spends $7.6 million a minute. And at that rate, $2.5 billion lasts about five and a half hours.

Now you need to realize that under any "green new deal" the government is drastically increasing its spending. So that $2.5 billion per year will actually pay for less of the total outlay than it would now.

The next section is about "environmental justice", and of course it's more unworkable lefty BS. Providing tax incentives to evil landlords who don't care about energy costs because they don't pay the bills--what makes you think they'll care more because you deigned to give them a tax break that doesn't even begin to pay for the work you're demanding they do?

I swear, these people who come up with this bullshit must never have even seen what low-income housing looks like, what the neighborhoods look like. It's not that way because of the property owners!

* * *

So, CHAD or CHOP or whatever they're calling it this week--well, they're not calling it anything any longer because the mayor of Seattle had it cleaned up.

...after protestors went to her $7 million mansion and threatened her.

After the protestors marched on her $7 million home, then it became an emergency and had to be dealt with. Seattle police--allowed to do their jobs--spent a mere 30 minutes clearing out all the shitheads, arresting the ones who wouldn't leave on their own.

* * *

In other commie asshole news, "I will stab you if you say 'all lives matter' got her fired from her cushy job. Enjoy your new rules.

* * *

Maybe this would be a good place to live. Clay County, Florida. The sheriff there says he'll deputize legal gun owners to help.

That is what is known as a "posse", by the way.

* * *

Masks don't do shit to protect you from COVID-19, or indeed any respiratory virus, so can we stop acting like they do?

Incidentally, the number of confirmed cases keeps rising but the number of deaths is rising at an extremely low rate. Widespread testing is why we're seeing more confirmed cases.

Remember this?

* * *

Using Falcon-9-like boosters as unmanned precision bombers. Well--actually using them to boost hypersonic glide vehicles into a ballistic orbit that can hit anywhere in the world, for a shitton less than expendable boosters do.

This is a damned cool idea.

* * *

I've said it and sait it. "We elected a black President. Twice. STFU."

"African Americans" didn't gain their independence? News to me.

* * *

Today, I did finally get a friggin' haircut.

No leftovers or anything at home, so I had lunch at the office. Then, when work was over, I drove right out to the hair cutting place, without stopping anywhere else. And got my freaking hair cut. No more mop!

Stopped at a Jewel near the hair cutting place and picked up bread and sundries, then headed for the Taco Bell nearest the bunker at Mrs. Fungus' behest.

...promptly got stuck in holiday traffic on I-80. But, no problem, get off at Kedzie and head south to Vollmer, jog east on that road, through some twists and turns, and end up on the highway again. Huge line at Culver's--out into the street--but I'm not going there, I'm going to Taco Bell, which has a short line.

"Thank you for choosing Taco Bell. Just to let you know, we're currently only taking cash."

Me: fan-frickin'-tastic.

And drove home from there.

Dinner, instead of being yummy tacos, was a PBJ. Whee!

Total time from the time I left work: two hours. Most of which was driving. *sigh*

But at least I got my freaking hair cut.

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