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#720: Impeach Darth Cheney--second thoughts.

#706: Impeach Darth Cheney!

I was thinking, this afternoon, about this, and realized that it was even more frickin' stupid that I thought it was at first.

I thought, okay, here's the flowchart:

1) The House of Representatives is not going to vote to impeach the vice-president. But let's say it does, for whatever reason.

2) The Senate is not going to vote him "guilty". The vote might go along party lines but IIRC they need 60 votes to remove, and the Demokrats don't have 60 votes. The Democrats and the mainstream media would piss and moan about how "partisan" the vote was, and speak in denigrating tones about how the vote was "along party lines", but the outcome would be the same. But hey, let's say it happened.

3) Cheney would resign before the Senate vote. But let's say he didn't and he was removed from office. He didn't commit any actual crimes, not even according to Kucinich, quoth the article referenced in the prior post:
Kucinich's resolution said Cheney deserves to be impeached for allegedly manipulating intelligence regarding weapons of mass destruction and al-Qaida connections to justify the attack on Iraq. The congressman also charges the vice president "openly threatened aggression" against Iran "absent any real threat to the United States."
None of those are actual crimes. That is to say, there are not--as far as I know--any laws on the books which rule out those kinds of behaviors, particularly from politicians. Bill Clinton committed perjury, which is what he was impeached for. (What? Cheney "lied"? Show me the politician who has never lied. The difference is, Clinton lied under oath, which is a felony.) But WTF, let's say that he gets indicted for something.

4) Bush could pardon him. But let's say Bush didn't pardon him and Cheney actually went to jail.

5) Cheney has repeatedly said he is not going to run for President, that once his time as VP is over, he's retiring. But let's say he changed his mind.

5) Cheney could run for President regardless of where he was or what his legal status was. Even being in jail does not preclude you from being President; it's not likely but a President could go to jail for a crime and still be President until and unless he was impeached and removed from office by the procedure set out in the Constitution. short, Kucinich's measure won't result in Cheney being removed from office, and if he's got even half the intellect that God gave the average carrot, he knows that. Therefore all this is asinine grandstanding to get the batshit-insane lefties to vote for him in the primaries.

Besides all that, there's the question of what would happen if the Senate was split 50-50 on whether or not Cheney should be removed from office. If the Senate is tied 50-50, who do you think casts the tie-breaking vote? The Vice-President of the United States. The Democrats would be up in arms because of his "blatant self-interest" and "refusal to recuse himself" but who else would cast the vote? No one else can! It's in the Constitution!

...all of this for something that wouldn't have any effect on the current policies or practices of the sitting administration even if it did somehow come to pass. Which it won't.

Grandstanding, I'm telling you. Because there's nothing else he can do to call attention to himself; he's an "also-ran" unless Hillary and Obama just self-destruct. (I doubt that'll happen, but it's not impossible. Maybe if John Smith shakes Hillary's hand and has a vision and tries to assassinate her, only she grabs a baby and uses it as a shield....)

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