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I can relax a bit! So, let's get on with the bloggeratin' so I can begin my weekend.

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So, I realized not long ago that I had never listened to the Kansas album Drastic Measures but for "Fight Fire With Fire" and "Mainstream", which are two decent tracks. Heard four tracks so far, and those are two of them, and the other two are complete crap.

Track five ain't very good either.

* * *

One of the biggest problems with "believe all women" is that some women are insane. (Don't get pissy at me. Some men are insane, too. But the slogan doesn't mention men.) And when I say "insane" I mean actually non compus mentus insane.

A friend's daughter went off the deep end a little while after puberty. Anorexia, vegetarian, self-harm, etcetera. Now, another friend of mine was on really good terms with the girl and the family, so it was decided that if she made some treatment goal or other she could spend a weekend at his house and they could pal around. This was 100%--150%--above board. He wasn't the type, if you know what I mean--and although the parents of the girl were 100% flaming liberals they weren't egregiously stupid; they would not have trusted her to go stay at his home for even ten minutes if they had the merest idea of a speculation of a thought that he was any kind of predator. And I knew the guy; believe me, he's a good guy.

Anyway, after that little visit (two days) she claimed that he'd molested her. And he would have gotten all jammed up over it--sent to jail etcetera--except that her parents knew her and explained to her what would happen to him if she was telling the truth. And then she admitted that she had only accused him because she wanted the attention it would bring.

So, yeah. "Believe all women" is really not a good idea. It's why we have courts, you know? To establish guilt beyond a shadow of a doubt before we destroy someone's life.

* * *

Tracks 5, 6, and 7 are utter shit. Track 6, "Get Rich", has a chorus that current pop stars would envy:
Get rich now
Get rich now
Get rich now
Get rich now
Stunning. *barf*

Track 7, "Don't Take Your Love Away", I bet you can't guess what its chorus is.
Don't ever, don't ever take your love away
Don't ever, don't ever take your love away
Don't ever, don't ever take your love away
Don't, take your love away
Words and music by John Elefante and Dino Elefante.

Like I said: John Elefante used up all his A material on Vinyl Confessions.

* * *

I really don't feel sorry for her. Neither does Ace, but I have read some right-wing blog posts to the effect that she shouldn't have been fired for expressing her political opinion.

Well--in a world where everyone was able to speak his mind without fearing "cancel culture" I suppose I would deplore it, too. But we don't live in that world; we live in a world where giving voice to your views can get you fired, doxxed, and SWATted ONLY IF YOUR OPINION IS NOT LEFT-WING.

I want to see left-wingers get the same treatment the right wing has gotten. I want them to suffer the same pain they've inflicted on so many other people. Not because I think their way is better, but because that's the only way they will stop using those methods.

* * *

Overall, this album is the worst one Kansas ever released. Even the songs written by Kerry Livgren are really not all that good. No wonder he quit the band after this album; two-thirds of the songs on the thing were written by John Elefante and his brother, and they're crappy songs!

John and Dino wrote "Perfect Lover", the one original song on Best of Kansas (more on that in a moment!) and it was decent without being great.

The problem is, during this time period, Livgren was in the throes of BRAND NEW BORN-AGAIN CHRISTIANITY(TM) and apparently thought all his songs had to explicitly glorify Christ or he'd be doing something wrong. I get it, I really do, but the man had a sound everyone came to expect from his music and it was just...gone. Livgren, who had written weighty music, was suddenly writing the lightest of pop music.

When he left Kansas and formed AD, he wrote most of the songs on their first album, Timeline. If those songs are representative of what he was trying to write for Kansas, I understand why they were rejected, even though they were a gajillion times better than the Elefante brothers' expressly shitty efforts. The band didn't want to do Christian rock in the first place; and to make matters worse, the Livgren songs were cotton candy. Cotton candy Jesus rock from one of the progressive rock powerhouses of the 1970s? No.

Mind you, Livgren later got his feet under him and figured out how to write weighty Christian rock. "No Standing" is amazing. "Free Fire Zone" is a patently pro-life song that pulls no punches but doesn't get preachy.

Meanwhile, The Best of Kansas--I can always, always tell when a track comes from that album, because John and Dino played with the mix and added all kinds of reverb to it. The original has a very slight amount of reverb, just enough to add depth to the vocals--but the remix sounds awful by comparison, because the reverb has been punched up everywhere.

Oh well.

* * *

You see, expressing this kind of opinion will get you CANCELED. "Chris Rock was right, but it’s not cool to point that out nowadays," says a commentor, and he's not wrong.

"Chris Rock?" you ask.

I am not a fan of Chris Rock, but that video has more common sense and sound advice in it than the entirety of "Black Lives Matter".

* * *

This is the American left right here.
there should be a human Sacrifice if 1,000 WHITE. WEALTHY. FE/MALES. offered as a plea of 'please forgive us for our past/present crimes against Himanity.' ALL u.s. land is STOLEN INDIAN LAND
It's not hyperbole or caricature. They want to kill you.

Look: the left wanting to destroy our national monuments, that's par for the course. They don't want anyone to be reminded of the nobility of the country's founding and the stated principles and purposes. They want everyone to believe that the United States was conceived as a kleptocracy meant to take all the money and power from poor people of color and enrich white people, that human bondage was the founding principle of the nation, that there was never any aim to it other than stealing the wealth of blacks and indians. They want to make criminal unpersons of Washington, Jefferson, Jackson, and Franklin. They'd cheer as the Statue of Liberty was dynamited.

Because leftism can't withstand the founding principles of this country.

Self-reliance, low taxation, a politically-engaged and well-educated public with traditional morals--leftism can't survive if people don't need the government. Why do you think the left has so carefully ruined the socialized educational system, turning into a vast bowl of pus?

The left cannot understand that Washington peacefully leaving the Presidency behind after his second term--peacefully, voluntarily, without trying to retain power--they can't understand how someone would do that, why he'd do it, because they lack the core morality that Washington had. "He just...didn't run for President! He just let someone else take over!"

"Could have been king. Wasn't." George Washington is the father of our country because of the example he set.

"But what about Lincoln? Why do they hate him?" Because Lincoln was a Republican. Democrats are the party of slavery and racism, KKK and Jim Crow, and secession from the United States. The fact that Lincoln--a Republican--freed the slaves is intolerable to them. The Democrats carried that grudge for decades. For a little while, in the 1970s, it was okay to admire Lincoln, because the Democrats had hoodwinked the black population and bought their votes, but these days Lincoln is Just Another White Cracker.

* * *

Speaking of things Democrats don't like, the economy is doing a lot better than "expected". UN-EX-PEC-TED-LY, job growth is pretty big.

Just want to point out one thing, though: a lot of these jobs which are coming back didn't actually disappear; they were just kind of put on hiatus for a while. Not everyone was pink-slipped, as in, "You're never working here again." What happened is that people were told, "Look, governor's making us shut down, but you'll still have a job here when we're allowed to reopen."

The government is treating those as lost jobs, but they really weren't lost. So when those places open back up and everyone comes back to work, well, shucky darn look at that!

As usual, it's because of government counting, not because of reality.

* * *

Hexiom Connect is a flash game that I love to play. I downloaded the flash file to my hard drive and play it locally, which limits some of the features but not the part I like. Then I found a site that could encapsulate it with a Flash player, so it's an application that runs under Windows.

I hope that the Kongregate site going away doesn't brick that game.

* * *

I'll bet those mirrors are expensive. So apparently the LIGO gravitometer is so sensitive, they had to find a way to eliminate quantum photon noise. And find one they did.


* * *

So, on with the Independence Day weekend!

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