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#7210: Oh, such a victim

This is a faceboob link so it might not work for everyone but the general upshot is that little miss "I'll stab you in the face for disagreeing with me" was never actually an employee of Deloitte. The position was a scheduled two week internship, in August, which Deloitte rescinded after she ran her mouth on tickctac or whatever it's called.

Here's the thing: even though the United States has freedom of expression built into its founding documents, you don't get to stand up and say things like, "If you say something I don't like, I'll stab you" with impunity, at least not in a place where anyone can hear you say it. That's a threat of violence, and nowhere in our Constitution does it say that violence is speech. That's something the left invented. The Constitution mentions the people to peaceably assemble and petition for redress of grievances, but the instant you start talking about stabbing people and making snarky comments to them as they "bleed out" (in your words) you are no longer engaging in peaceable protest.

If you are slated to start working for a company, in any capacity, it is wise for you to understand and adhere to their rules. If their rules are too restrictive for you, don't accept the position.

Now, in my younger days I would have been amazed that someone could be attending Harvard and not understand basic commonsense rules like that, but I have since learned that the people who attend ivy league schools have almost no common sense. Harvard, especially; it's a point pf pride that Harvard students never flunk out, so they're never allowed to fail. Once you get past their extremely stringent admissions, you're going to get that piece of paper unless you die or something.

If I were working for a corporation and in charge of hiring people, the last place I would look would be the ivy league. A degree from one of those schools practically guarantees you'll be hiring a feckless, useless dolt.

* * *

It sounds like some kind of ghetto concoction. "Cronk". "Purple drank", for example, is Skittles, some kind of soft drink, and cough syrup. "Cronk" sounds like it's something mixed and drank by Lil' Janky G and Corn Pop. But it's short for "Dr Cronk's Compound Sarsaparilla Beer", which has too many syllables to fit in a catchy jingle.

Still--wouldn't mind trying it, because it does sound like it'd taste good.

* * *

While waking up yesterday I found myself rubbing the gloriously short hair on my head and exulting in how lovely it felt. I'd like to try a crew cut but I bet I'd hate how it looked. Anyway my wife won't let me.

When you're driving around in a Jeep with busted AC, you need the windows open. My hair was just long enough to be an enormous bother, flying in my face etc. And I'd have to comb it after arriving at my destination, lest I look like a complete dirtbag.

I don't remember when I last got it cut. I do remember that I was wanting to get a haircut in February, but then we all got corona'ed before I could get around to it.

Long hair is definitely not for me.

* * *

Of course we watched Jaws last night. Summer tradition around here now, I guess. But we can't find the bluray disk. WTF.

* * *

Well, have a couple of minor chores to get after; I suppose I oughta.

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