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#7211: It was a war zone around here

I'm not kidding. Sitting on the back patio last night, the noise around us was continuous. We were the only people on my block lighting stuff, but go farther than the immediate neighborhood--

My wife and I finished up at 9:30. I think the cops went around telling people to stop circa 10:30. There were a couple of morons down the street who started up (!) around 12:30 AM and stopped perhaps half an hour later.

Because there were virtually no public displays this year, thanks to COVID-19, I think the law enforcement apparatus was being a lot more lenient about fireworks. I mean, "more lenient than usual" in a kind of top-down manner. People want fireworks on Independence Day, dang it, and you can't arrest everyone.

I think Illinois' laws against fireworks are stupid, anyway, as I've said time and again.

* * *

dumbass is shocked and surprised that crime flourishes when there are fewer police. You know, just try watching Robocop if you have any trouble figuring out what happens to the crime rate when police stop showing up for work.

* * *

The intersection of The Song of the South and wokeness. I actually have a digital copy of The Song of the South, a bootleg, that I haven't watched. I suppose I ought to.
As far as I can tell the real objection to Song of South is that it presents the Southron racial caste system in a positive light. Admittedly, it wasn't a realistic historical portrayal but neither is the whip 'em all day and rape 'em all night tropes that are required today.

On the flip slide, Uncle Remus was (as far as I know) the first mainstream black character who WASN'T an amusing sub-human in the Stepin Fetchit mold. It was pretty groundbreaking stuff in its day.
I saw the movie once, when I was a tiny tot. I actually have, somewhere, a water-damaged Song of the South picture book which was one of the tools used by my parents to teach me to read. I can remember Dad reading it to me and doing the voices, even.

I was brought up in a house that was devoid of racism. Actual racism, I mean, not the "unconscious racism" that the woketards impugn us white folk with. Racist slang wasn't allowed, and we were all brought up to believe that how people looked was irrelevant; that what they did, how they acted, that was how you judged them. "By their acts ye shall know them," or some such.

Uncle Remus wasn't a racist stereotype to me; that was just who he was. It certainly did not color my expectation of black people (because even then, aged 3-4, I knew the difference between books and reality) and in fact for a very long time I was utterly indifferent to race.

* * *

Very large, massive star just kind of...goes out. In another galaxy, so it happened millions of years ago, but the estimate is that it was over a hundred solar masses. Stars like that blow up, one way or another; this one didn't.

Scientists are pretty sure it just collapsed into a black hole. I suppose that makes sense. Perhaps it had a companion star from which it was absorbing mass, and one day it just got too big to exist.

* * *

Pool was a nice temperature. Added some water to it--it is still leaking a hair by the dump valve--but otherwise left it alone. Changed the filter, rinsed out the old one; after a couple of hours I took the newer filter out and rinsed it clean. Mostly, it's getting rid of rust and leftover dirt from last year.

Looks inviting right now, let me tell you.

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