atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#7212: Ah, it's the last day of my 4-day weekend.

I need to cut the grass. *sigh*

It has not rained here since my ill-fated attempt to ride my motorcycle to the hair cutter place. That's not quite a week. The grass, nonetheless, needs to be cut.


* * *

NASCAR's ratings crumble. The big mistake made by sports organizations in particular seems to be that their leaders don't understand who watches their sports. The people wandering around with the BLM signs etc aren't the ones who watch NASCAR, or car racing at all.

* * *

Hydroxychloroquine works but it's too cheap for anyone to make money from, which is why it's being deprecated.

A cheap drug that cures the thing is antithetical to the medical industry, the American left, the media, the Democrats (last 3 are redundant I know), and the "never Trump" crowd. A cheap drug which can be manufactured in train lots prevents COVID-19 from being as bad as possible, which the aforementioned lovely people need.

* * *

Understand, I am being nice to the medical industry when I accuse them of caring more for money than anything else. I've seen enough to understand that. Although it plays up the high-minded "help people" schtick, simple fact is that--same as any other service--medical care's not delivered unless someone pays for it, and that's just as true of England and Canada as it is the United States.

People have long destested lawyers as greedy, but the difference between lawyers and doctors in that respect is zero.

I say that's "being nice" because the left cares much more about the power to hurt people than it does about the money. For the left, wealth is a natural consequence of having the power to stomp human faces. That makes leftists much worse than people who advocate for things out of simple greed.

* * *

The relative risks of contracting COVID-19 by activity and YES THAT IS SARCAM ON DISPLAY THERE.

* * *

The new lie that everyone on the left is trying to sell is that Trump himself is a divisive and polarizing figure, and that prior to his election in 2016, everyone got along famously. Trump has done nothing but drive a wedge between people who formerly were united, and it's just because he is too divisive that we need to get rid of him.

I'm old enough to remember when George Bush was called Hitler by the left

I'm old enough to remember when Dick Cheney was called Hitler by the left (well, Himmler, but that's pretty much the same thing)

I'm old enough to remember when Mitt Romney (Milquetoast Mitt!) was called Hitler by the left

I'm old enough to remember when John McCain was called Hitler by the left

I'm old enough to remember when Sarah Palin was called Hitlerby the left.

Heck, even Bob Freaking Dole was called Hitler by the left. The internet isn't turning up any clever pics or memes, but I'm old enough to remember.

And of course, I'm old enough to remember when Richard Nixon was called Hitler by the left.
It did not take the left very long to invent the portmanteau "Bushilter", but that was the continuation of an extremely long habit. I remember how well-respected Reagan was by the left (which is to say, "not at all").

The only thing new about how they're acting these days is that they've taken off their masks and are unabashedly socialist.

* * *

The American left is trying to erase its history of racism in the US.

* * *

Why was there a shooting in mostly-white Roselle?
...this shooting happened at [an AirBnB] that rents for a few thousand dollars per weekend. It's seems 200 guests showed up for a birthday party, all from the 011 District, and the usual 011 mayhem followed them to the leafy streets of Roselle.
Yeah. Gangbangers from the city.

* * *

Another good take on reparations. Over the past 55 years, some $15 trillion has been spent on welfare. Once that money has been paid back, then we can discuss paying out reparations on a sliding scale determined--in part--on how many years each "person of color" has personally spent as a slave.

* * *

Heat index: 100°. Signing off and heading for the pool.

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