atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#7213: Just taking it easy

Sunday I put the lawn mower back together. Yesterday I tested it.

It won't let me pull it backwards. I think the drive belt is too short. I'll have to swap in the original belt to see if that makes a difference.

Anyway I was able to get the front and sides cut in sweltering heat, so it's fine.

Today's big task was to wash dishes and make chili, both of which I accomplished handily.

* * *

"When you gave a pass to rioters & looters, you gave up your right to boss around citizens."

* * *

Intellectuals are the greatest idiots in the world.

* * *

As ever more cases of COVID-19 are found via testing, the death rate continues to decrease. There's a graph there showing the number of deaths per week over time. This isn't a percentage; it's a raw number. X many people died last week; Y many people died this week.

The number of deaths is declining even as the number of cases goes up.

Of course, this is a bad thing because it means this stupid crap is coming to an end.

"Fewer people are dying, but it's not a good thing!" Yeah, because the election's coming, we know.

* * *

They're desperately trying to gin up a second lockdown, because the first one didn't work. I don't think people will go along with this one. See above, "rioters & looters".

* * *

"Who is Mary Trump?" The President's niece. "Mary Trump...does not know and has barely ever spoken to her uncle." Of course that doesn't matter; what matters is that her last name is "Trump" and she's related to the President and so that is supposed to lend legitimacy to her long-distance psychoanalysis of him.

Please note that if this book said the opposite about the President from what it tries to say--an attempt to help him, rather than to harm him--this wouldn't be news at all. THe media would be ignoring it.

* * *

A guy killed a 96-year-old woman with a pitchfork. No word on whether or not it was one of those evil black semiautomatic pitchforks with a shoulder thing that goes up.

* * *

USA Today tells the Democrat to wreck the economy in order to be rid of Trump.

Never forget what the Democrats want for you: "They want you dead, and if not, at least broke, hungry, sick and homeless."

* * *

This is your dear leader, denizens of CHAZ/CHOP/WTF-Ever. A whiny little crybaby bitch.

* * *

Anyway, that's all I'm going to do today. A few links, a few words. I'm in full-on summer mode. I think I played WoW a little bit over the weekend but not very much, and haven't since whatever day that was. (Monday, I think.)

Oh well!

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