atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#7221: Signed copy on its way!

Peace Talks, signed by Jim Butcher, on its way for $5 out of my pocket. My mother-in-law likes to give Barnes and Nobles gift cards for Christmas, and I saved one specifically so I could buy this book with it! HA!

* * *

Got our income taxes taken care of. Load off my mind.

* * *

This woman's letter of resignation is a scathing indictment of the New York Times.

* * *

They are taking down the huge siamesed radio masts that used to sit on the southwest corner of town.

I've talked about them before, how their slowly blinking red lights would let me know when we were getting close to home, how they seemed impossibly distant when I was a lad, how sad I was when they swapped the incandescent beacons for LEDs. For me, throughout most of my life, those radio masts and their slowly winking red lights were a landmark that said, You are close to home now.

Now they've been removed entirely. Which is to say, as I was driving home from work I saw a big tall crane out there rigged to remove a section, and I'd bet they had most of the thing cleared away by nightfall.

I suppose I should have realized something was up when the reflector array that used to sit across the road to the northeast had gone missing.


Well, things change. Can't do anything about that.

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