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#7222: No one is impressed

Mrs. Fungus and I went to the store. On the way home, got behind this moron on a Harley who had the absolute loudest stereo I think I've ever heard.

Yeah--a motorcycle with a loud stereo. A loud motorcycle, with an even louder stereo.

I think stereos in motorcycles are stupid anyway, but this asshat's stereo was so loud that he was over an eighth of a mile ahead of me and I could still hear it clearly.


* * *

There is exactly one line on this infographic which sounds like a bad thing to me. "Win at all costs" is the only thing that's actually bad (and, by the way, incorrect).

Just about everything on that poster is a good thing.
I read that infographic and rather than feeling shame about white privilege or white supremacy or white nationalism, I think, "yeah, those are the ethics that in just a relatively few centuries ended slavery, taught Man to fly, gave the vote to everyone, learned what the stars truly are, made smallpox extinct, put Man on the moon and just in general made life on Earth vastly better than in all the many millenia that preceded it."
Invented antibiotics, the computer, refrigeration; explored the entire world, harnessed the atom...the list goes on and on and on!

As complimentary as it is for white people it's still extremely racist.
The nuclear family, rational thought, the scientific method, planning for the future, hard work, delayed gratification, avoiding conflict, all of these things are bad and white supremacist.

The Woke Left is made up of the most disgusting white supremacists on the planet. The Woke Left thinks lower of people of color than any Klansman calling a black person "mud people."

This isn't soft bigotry of low expectations, this is hard and fast bigotry. It tells black people that they can never expected to work hard, be rational, or be on time, because that is a white trait for white people.
Meanwhile, the self-flagellation of the SJWs gets even more entertaining.
A Minneapolis white man told the newspaper that he was ashamed of calling the police after two black youths held a gun to his chest and demanded his car keys:
"I regret calling the police. It was my instinct but I wish it hadn't been. I put those boys in danger of death by calling the cops."
I honestly wonder what the flipside of this insanity is.

Asheville, NC, is not quite there yet. The city wants to give reparations to black people.

* * *

So a couple days after the Washington Redskins became the Washington Nonracist Sportsball Team, there's a sex scandal surrounding it. I'd bet (as Vox Day appears to) that someone told the owner of the team that he'd better change their name if he doesn't want certain facts to become public...only of course SJWs always lie, and when they get something on you they will use it.

* * *

The fact that so many of the usual suspects are screaming about this indicates that it's the right move to make. And because their screaming is music to our ears....

COVID-19 statistics now go to the Department of Health and Human Services, rather than to the CDC, because Trump has twigged to the fact that the CDC is cooking the numbers to make this thing look worse than it is.

Okay: labs in Florida (and elsewhere) reporting a 100% infection rate--every test they get is positive--that's not science. An anecdotal story I heard was that a couple of nurses sent unused COVID swabs to their hospital lab, and they came back positive.

People who are positive for the disease but die from something utterly unrelated nonetheless get counted as a COVID-19 death. eg, "COVID-19 bullets".

Here's the thing: the Democrats have nominated a senile dotard to be their candidate for President. They cannot let him attend any debates, because his mental impairment will become manifest. Their opponent in the race is going to be unstoppable if things are on anything like a normal footing come November.

Therefore, the Democrats need this thing to remain a national crisis. That's why there's such big talk about the number of COVID-19 cases now; the death rate is miniscule compared to the number of cases being found but they're not talking about bodies any longer, just infections.

That's why there's all this foo-raw about keeping the schools closed. "Closed schools" means that at least one parent has to stay home and mind the kids, and that jacks over the economy. It keeps unemployment high.

The Democrats cannot win this election unless they cheat, and on unprecedented scale--so there will be an enormous push for keeping the polling places closed, and substituting "vote by mail". With the latter, it is much easier to manufacture whatever number of votes are needed in order to "win".

And should Biden win in November? Well, expect COVID-19 to be over the day after the election.

Limbaugh pointed out today that despite all the polls saying that Biden is winning, the Democrats are not acting as if they believe the polls. The Democrats are acting as if they think Biden will lose the election.

Well, hell: you make it personally risky to declare your intent to vote for someone, of course people will lie about their intentions. But as long as the secret ballot remains secret, there's nothing they can do about that--and so the only thing they can do is to emplace a system that allows them to cheat, wholesale.

* * *

Circular radio objects, far away. They don't know how far they are, how big they are, or even what they are. They're only visible in radio wavelengths.

Hmm, a new discovery coming from radio astronomy which--need I say it?--is yet another thing invented by Western Civilization.

* * *

Today was a very tiring day, and I don't even know why. Last few nights have been Xanax nights, so that's probably a factor, but it can't be all of it.

All I know is that I had to go to my farther offsite today, and by the time I'd finished there, I was out of juice. Had lunch late but that didn't even help, not really.

Still, making progress, getting tickets closed--that's my job, and I'm doing it.

* * *

Extra-hot weather predicted for this weekend. I will have to cut the grass, but otherwise my outdoor activity will be limited strictly to sitting on a float in the swimming pool. And maybe grilling some food.

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