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System forced an update on me, and it turns out the update was to install Edge, which I do not use and do not want.

I used Task Manager to get out of the thing and then I uninstalled it immediately. I didn't agree to the terms of service.

Then they popped up a "why did you uninstall it?" page, so I told them in all caps that I would make sure NEVER to use Edge because they pulled this bullshit.

* * *

Speaking of unwanted user experiences, someone let about 75% of the water out of our pool last night. It's not a leak because the sodden grass was in a different place, and leaks do not just magically appear; and to lose that much water overnight it would have to be a big one. The leak that I plugged last week took days to drain it halfway; when I looked at the pool yesterday it was just fine.

This morning, flat pool--maybe a foot of water in the deep end. When I checked it out at lunchtime, the grass on the due north side of the pool was sodden and squishing; before I patched the leak, the sodden ground had been in a different sector. When I got home from work I immediately went outside to see what I could do, and the grass on the north side of the pool was no longer squishing. Nowhere around its circumference, in fact, was the ground anything but wet. And the water level in the pool was the same as it had been at lunchtime.

I don't think this is the result of wildlife this time. Too much water drained from the pool; even accidentally a raccoon can't have done this. Anyway, last time there were muddy raccoon footprints on the pool, and this time there are none.

I don't know who benefits from letting the water out of our pool, though. I suppose if it keeps happening I'll have to throw in the towel and strike the pool for the year; this thing has a capacity of 2,500 gallons and I can't afford to keep refilling the fucking thing every week. My water bill will be astronomical as it is.

That won't make my wife very happy.

* * *

Found a perfect pool vacuum on Amazon. Under $25, uses water from the garden hose for power.

Estimated arrival date: September! *sigh*

* * *

Oof. The Fungus naturally wishes Justice Ginsburg a speedy recovery.

When I heard the news, that she had cancer again, "Oof" was exactly what I said. That's not good at any age, but when you're as old as she is, and you've had cancer before--well, it's pretty serious.

Hey, if she can beat it again--more power to her.

I disagree with her politics, but I'm not going to wish any ill on her. I'm not a Democrat.

* * *

Incidentally, yesterday was the 75th anniversary of the beginning of the Atomic Age.

In H. Beam Piper terms, it's the year 75 Atomic!

* * *

Second City Cop certainly is a card. Suggesting that citizens should get a tax rebate if schools don't open on time--that's so unrealistic I'm surprised there isn't an elf and a wizard in it.

I mean--he's right, we damn well ought to get some of our money back because the schools have been closed. But it will never happen.

* * *

27 cops detailed to protect a stupid mural in a city where crime is running rampant.

I feel as if I don't say it enough: crime is a tool of the left. The more crime there is, the more of an excuse they have for cracking down on everyone.

The left doesn't hate police; it hates police that it does not control. The entire point behind "defund the police" is to put people in charge of law enforcement who can be controlled by the left. They can't control civil law enforcement, the officers of the court that enforce the laws now.

That's the whole point of "defund the police", to get the money spent on actual police and spend it on social workers and crisis counselors and all sorts of other useless shit, people who will reliably vote Democrat and see absolutely nothing wrong with using their power to crush those who don't agree with them.

* * *

Ye cats. Woman who rode the "Lolita Express" many times deleted her Twittle account because in it, she said things like, "seeing little girls do the splits half naked is just.....i want to put myself in jail." The article that Vox Day links to has three examples of this woman's creepiness in it, and I can't tell if that's the worst one or merely very bad.

* * *

But according to Eve Ensler, it's perfectly okay for lesbians to sexually abuse little girls.

* * *

It's been about a week since I was this glad it was Friday.

* * *

Why in the everlasting fuck is Lockheed getting awards and bonuses for a vehicle which is late and over budget?
Most of the awards to Lockheed were conducted under a "cost-plus" contract structure, in which NASA is required to reimburse Lockheed for all allowable costs and, in addition, pay applicable award and incentive fees. Despite significant cost increases and schedule delays, Lockheed received nearly all available award fees, the report found. Those award fees struck NASA Inspector General Paul Martin as excessive.
This thing has been in development for fifteen years.

Okay, Kennedy said "We choose to go to the Moon" in September of 1962, and we put men on the Moon a scant seven years later, July 20, 1969.

John Glenn orbited the Earth in 1962, in a freaking Mercury capsule boosted by an Atlas missile; then Scott Carpenter went up, then Wally Schirra, then Gordon Cooper.

Gemini was used from 1965-1966; and after that, Apollo. The first Apollo flight took place six years after Kennedy's speech. They didn't have desktop computers--they didn't even have digital calculators. They had slide rules. When something was designed by an engineer, he had to sit at a drafting table with a pencil and a ruler and physically draw the blueprint.

...and in six years they went from Mercury-Atlas to Apollo. From 1960 through 1973, NASA spent an inflation-adjusted $288 billion--which averages to about $22 billion a year in 2019 dollars and includes all the Moon flights!

Guess what NASA's 2020 budget is: $22.6 billion.

* * *

Anyway, Friday night, and I need to wash dishes and keep an eye on the pool. Whee!

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