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#7228: Busy one yesterday

After work?

Went to Walmart for pills and a couple of other things. Came home, had a PBJ, then went and bought gasoline for the mowers. Filled mowers and cut grass. Came inside and cooked spaghetti.

No time for blog. No time for WoW. Nope!

* * *

"Wall Street Firms Are Considering A Mass Exodus From New York" why? Well, that's easy: IT'S THE TAXATION, STUPID.

In addition to Horseteeth's idiotic wealth tax, New York Democrats are mulling a tax on stock sales. If the stock sells under $5 a share, 1.25 cents. (Round up.) If the stock sells for more than that, some kind of sliding scale, to 5 cents per share if the price is over $20.

So, of course, people who make their money on buying and selling stocks are going to leave.

Meanwhile, in New York City, rental prices are dropping and the available inventory of rental properties is rising because people are leaving the shithole.

* * *

"Is Biden a Trojan horse?" Does the Pope poop in the Vatican? FFS of course he is. The man can't be trusted to string more than two sentences together and the only real question is how the Democrats plan to deal with him should he win the election.

1) My prediction, that he'll "stumble" and hit his head on a very heavy and solid object sixteen times a little while after inauguration, thus elevating his vice president to the Oval Office.

2) They'll ease him out with the 25th Amendment. "Well, he's trying really hard, but you know this dementia which just seems to have come out of nowhere, all of a sudden, starting January 21st--he just can't handle the office, so..." and whoever is his VP ends up being President.

3) He'll remain in office, rarely seen, with figureheads and representatives and his VP coming out to do all the talking etc. This way, just about anyone can be the actual power behind the throne, some unelected person who the public doesn't even know. Or, who knows, someone who looks rather a lot like Joe Biden will be hired to become him. Think Heinlein's Double Star, which was Prisoner of Zenda with the serial numbers filed off. Except the real Joe Biden is a liability in that scenario, so...well, there are plenty of places in Washington, D.C. where criminals could stash a barrel of slightly used hydrofluoric acid, after all. And if "Joe" ever talks, well, he's got a family, right? You can get rid of several human bodies with a 55-gallon drum of hydrfluoric acid, and no one said they have to be dead first.

But in no way--none whatsoever--does Joe Biden actually go on to lead the United States. His brain is cottage cheese. I don't mean to make light of his condition; I am stating a fact: Joe Biden is mentally incompetent and not fit to be President. Given a win in November he will be allowed to be President long enough to take the oath of office, and then after that--no.

* * *

Three Gorges Dam is in trouble. So all the floodgates on it are wide open; there is literally nothing more that can be done. Either there are enough floodgates to keep the dam from being overloaded, or else there are not--in which case the whole thing comes apart, and hundreds of thousands of people die.

Related, "...[T]he Uyghur Population in Xinjiang has dropped by 80 percent in the last three years." Executed, or taken to camps to be slave labor.

About 80,000 slave laborers, in fact.

* * *

I'm going to say it again, these people are NOT protestors.

Do you want to know why police are quitting in Democrat cities?
Cops who were ordered to protect a mayor (who hates their guts) and required to identify themselves (by law) had to listen to scumbags threaten to rape their daughters, and via the magic of the internet, hear their home addresses broadcast to more scumbags (who know you aren't able to defend your homes and families because you're on the clock in Groot-ville.)

And what do we hear from the politicians? That this is peaceful? That police are racist? That all that a civilized people hold dear is in danger simply because these miserable fuckers can't get their way by anything but violence?
The Democrats won't lift a finger to stop any of this. They want the violence, the mayhem, the threats, the crime, the death.

* * *

But the simple fact is, the real story is known by the people. The mainstream media won't cover it, but that doesn't mean that the people don't know what's actually happening.

* * *

It got cooler outside but it's really humid. Oh well.

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