atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#7235: Well, that's fantastic!

So I went outside and cut the front, the back, and the sides, all on one tank of gas in the pusher, and without having to stop!

Last time I had to stop partway through, come inside, and take a hit of albuterol, because I had a coughing fit bad enough that it was making me retch (asthma, anyone?). Today, I powered through the coughing fit (which was almost as acute but didn't last very long) and got it all done in one go. Got my cardio, didn't have to take drugs, got the grass cut: win-win-win.

* * *

Had to go to the far offsite twice today. First, went there directly from the bunker, arriving at 7:55, because of part of the reason yesterday was so craptastic. Left around 9, returned to the office and worked until lunchtime.

Went back to the offsite for an appointment I'd made two weeks ago. When I finished up there, headed back to the office again.

On the way back, saw a go-kart in someone's trash. Actually pulled a u-turn to take a second look at it, but then thought the better of it and drove past. But I had to work for it.

Simple fact: even if I had grabbed it, it would have sat in the garage for at least six to eight months while I took care of everything else that has a greater priority. Taking up precious garage space, because it could not be left outside to junk up the yard, and every time I needed to do something out there I would have to move the thing to do it, and then move it back.

It also was small, like it was built for a younger rider (kid aged perhaps 8-10) and would have required extensive modification for me to fit. Engine's probably shot, and it looked like a weedeater motor to boot.

But complete go kart and good basis for a project and-and-and. Nonetheless, I kept driving; let someone else have it, because the last thing I need around here is more fricking inoperable junk.

* * *

Anyway, I need to figure out what dinner will be, I guess.

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