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#7236: Pay attention!

Today was something of a nut-buster.

First off, ended up getting out of bed three times during the night. First for snack; second for sudden gut pain that went away as quickly as it arose; third for bad coughing fit that required a cough drop to quell. (Gut pain was the result of having raisin bran with yogurt for dinner. It...dislodged things.) I did consider calling off today, but crowbarred myself out of bed and got to work 15 minutes late.

Very busy this morning with all kinds of nonsense, then had lunch, then waited an hour for a person to reply to me for a software install before I just said "Screw it, I have better things to do" and headed to my far off-site to take care of some things.

They just added a new printer to a control room in the plant which formerly didn't have one. There's a PC in there, a control system PC, and the printer...and two working network drops. There are actually three net drops but only two work, and my job today was to see if I could figure out where that inactive network drop goes.

I narrowed it down to two ports out of about two dozen free ones on the network patch panel. Problem is, the control room is a five-minute walk from the network rack, and the printer goes into power-save pretty quickly, so I'm going to end up going back and trying some other methods.

But--hot day, me with short sleeves meant I had to wear a hoodie to keep my arms covered (long sleeves are required in just about every production area) and by the time I was finished traipsing across the plant 2-3-4 times and climbing the two flights of stairs to the control room the same number of times, my stupid surgical mask was soaked through with sweat and I was feeling a bit shaky.

Finished up there and went back to my office, spent some time writing up a discussion of my findings for the interested parties, and then tried to get a couple of other tasks started. Stayed 15 minutes over, then went to the store for a few sundries.

On the way there, the inspiration for the title of today's post. When I'm going to the store, I take a back road that runs south of the Fungal Vale, across the main north-south road, then through rural area. The back road comes to an abrupt end and your only really viable choice is to turn north onto another road.

As I was approaching this abrupt corner, I noticed two parallel, straight skid marks on the road. They started perhaps twenty, thirty feet from the end of the pavement and ran straight off, across the gravel. There, the sign indicating that you should turn left was laying in the grass; and there was a sizable hole right through the underbrush.

Someone came down that road, wasn't paying attention until too late, tried to stop, and failed.

Life is hard. It's even harder when you're stupid.

* * *

US has the lowest COVID-19 fatality rate of any country in the world. Heard on Limbaugh today that there are idiots out there who think 30,000,000 (9% of) Americans have died from the thing. The actual figure is around 150,000, which is about 0.05% of the population.

* * *

Good for you, buddy! Black NFL player says, "I only kneel before God."

* * *

I don't see the problem here. 100 police agencies have decided they will not, after all, send officers to help keep the peace in Milwaukee during the Democrat convention.

But why do the Democrats need extra police? After all:

1) These are demonstrations, protected by the First Amendment.

2) They're not riots; they're peaceful! The reports of "riots" are nothing but a myth.

3) Police are part of the cycle of violence. The best way to prevent violent crime is to be rid of the police.

4) Declare Milwaukee to be a "gun-free zone".

5) Social workers can work with rioters, identify the root causes of their criminal behavior, and assist them in getting government aid to break the cycle of illegal behavior.

The cops don't want to go to Milwaukee because Milwaukee has banned police from using any riot control method that has the slightest risk of being effective in curtailing riots.

* * *

They signed up to get tested, left before they got tested, and a few days later their results came back positive.

Of course the numbers are being gamed. Gotta justify the mask and shutdown orders!

Faking the number of deaths, too. Actual deaths, but they occurred over a period of almost four weeks. Naturally the media report them as if they all took place within four days.

* * *

I suppose if I took the time to read this very carefully I would understand why sophisticated artificial intelligence--better than what we have now--would lead to a vast increase in economic output. Surely it has something to do with replacing labor with capital; but I am too tired to make sense of it right now.

* * *

We need to get George Soros' money out of American politics, that much is certain.

* * *

I really am tired. Maybe just relax a bit before bed....

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