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#7237: TIRED

I'm pretty tired. Went to off-sites Wed and Thu, did a lot of walking in the heat of a chemical factory, worked my brain a lot--I'm tired.

Today I stayed in my office and worked on mobile devices.

I've got a ticket from March which revolves around the inability of some Samsung tablets to access WiFi at my far offsite. I brought two of them back with me, and of course the instant they were in range they connected to my site's WiFi without me doing anything.


Anyway, besides mucking around with tablets and phones that will only connect to WiFi in the wrong fucking place I also realized that I had not accounted for the time I spent tromping around the production building at the far offsite, trying to figure out which ethernet port (if any) was connected to the control room in the tower. Argh etc.

Anyway, so I ended up creating...what was it, five? Six?--tickets and closing them, then got my expense report for July taken care of, and handled my time card.

By 3 PM I'd had enough, but with two more hours....

Anyway at 4:59 PM I locked my computer, turned off the lights in my office, and went home.

Came home, sat on the back patio with my tablet reading manga and drinking Pepsi and not giving a rat's ass.

* * *

Vox Day quotes Fred Reed and I am terribly, terribly afraid they're both right:
BLM wants to go into the suburbs to get Whitey. God help us. Then it will well and truly blow. BLM doesn't know how many white men are sick of the chaos and destruction, sick of BLM. They quietly say, "Bring it on. Let's settle it."
Quietly. No bluster, no yelling and rioting and looting and arson.

So softly you can barely hear it: "Bring it. Let's go."

The most dangerous state to be in.

BLM has hot, animal rage going for it, like a teenage hothead who's ready to fight anyone anytime for any reason. The people they would take their fight to, however, have been steeping in a cold, dark, calculating, patient anger for a long time.

You think the white supremecists are dangerous to you? The ones who advertise their opinions and go around yelling "white power"? You'd better think again, friend, because you could not be more wrong.

* * *

This is written in a satirical fashion but the simple fact is that we have carried on the defense of Europe for nineteen years too long, and it's time for Europe to defend itself.

I remember, during the Cold War, all the lefty protests "US OUT OF GERMANY" and "US OUT OF EUROPE" and whatever else. I thought, "Sure, why not? They don't want us there; let's leave."

And take all our money with us.

Here's a great example: an air base in Spain that the locals were super-eager to be rid of. And when the US shut down the air base, the locals celebrated for a little while...and then the local economy tanked and the place turned into a ghost town.
NATO has been Europe’s unemployment benefits cash box in a sense. Not having to spend much in developing their defense has allowed them to divert that cash into the society and their economy, and they know it. But it is another example on how entitlements pervert the mind to the point of losing all sense of self respect. Our money somehow is their right. There was an Air Force base in Spain back when there was still a Soviet Union that was maligned constantly by the locals. IIRC, once the Soviet empire fell, the base’s strategic importance diminished and it was rumored it was in the lists of worldwide bases to be removed. The locals doubled their efforts and actually celebrated when the announcement of closure was made. They were not as happy when suddenly all contracts and orders were also cancelled or not renewed and local hires were told they were no longer needed in base and (very formally and politely) to go pound sand. They went from very rich town to ghost town in a couple of years after the base finally closed. The town mayor, a firm critic of the US actually said they were not expecting the US to depart and leave them without resources.
Apparently they thought that the USA would keep spending all kinds of money there even if the air base wasn't. That's the problem with delusions: they seem so real.

That's why Germany is so upset about the US pulling 12,000 troops out. Not because of any reason other than the greenbacks that get spent in Germany.

But honestly, with Germany cuddling up to the Russians anyway, why are we wasting our money on them?

* * *

This article is a great read even though I have already said, time and again, everything in it.
For years, NASA dropped its boosters into the ocean.

"Why would they throw it away?" I ask Dunstan.

"Because that's the way it's always been done!" he replies.

Twenty years ago, at Lockheed Martin, Zubrin had proposed reusable boosters. His bosses told him: "Cute idea. But if we sell one of these, we're out of business."

Zubrin explains, "They wanted to keep the cost of space launch high."
Lockheed-Martin is in the business of selling rockets, not flights to space. The reason SpaceX is eating everyone's lunch stems from the fact that SpaceX is selling flights, not hardware.

NASA gets the memo, finally. NASA had wanted the Space Shuttle to be reusable and to have a two-week turnaround. The best they ever did was something like 54 days, with a brand-new orbiter that had only flown once (Atlantis).

SpaceX re-flew a booster after 51 days. They will continue to find ways to trim time out of that turnaround time, believe me.

The Dragon capsule that docked with ISS will be re-entering atmosphere on Sunday.

Related: Amazon got a license to put up something like 3,500 low-orbit Internet satellites. They don't want SpaceX to have the only orbital Internet service, I guess. Heh heh heh. Competition!

* * *

Fraternal Order of Police advises Chicago cops not to volunteer to work convention duty in Milwaukee. Smartest thing any cop can do is stay the hell away from that shithole because smart money is on Milwaukee in August 2020 making Chicago 1968 look like a night at Chuck-E-Cheese.

* * *

This is why.
They have dead people, pets, and dead people's dead pets voting, every single year. Every single year, districts go 100% for one candidate, often with more votes than there are registered voters. Whether you want to call it stupidity, arrogance, or whatever combination of the two,
...and no one ever goes to jail for it. The massive vote fraud perpetrated by the various Democrat machines is obvious--manifest--to all and sundry, yet no one is ever hauled off in handcuffs, let alone even investigated, for masterminding the fraud.

This is why we're not allowed to have voter ID laws: it would interfere with Democrat vote fraud.

* * *


Government stupidity in action! I mean, holy shit:
Cook County (Chicago) has changed traffic court so that hearings will be held online, via Zoom.

Trouble is, they forgot to tell the people summoned to court that. So they're showing up to wait in line at the physical court--only to be told later that all hearings are done online, and (no, really, this happened) you also missed your online hearing while you were waiting on actual, physical line at the physical courthouse.

A TV reporter went to talk to someone from the office handling notifications about court hearings, to know why notices that hearings are no longer physical but will be held online are being sent out after the date of the hearing, instead of before, as would be the more common process.
What do you think the answer is?

The answer is, "SHUT UP! YOU RACISS!" Seriously!
WGN finally got a chance to speak to Court Clerk Dorothy Brown about why all this was happening and her response was, shall we say, very interesting. Brown said the only reason she was being asked was because WGN "felt like this black woman's office had to have done something wrong."
The answer from the Court Clerk was essentially, "You're only asking that question because you're racist!"


* * *

Went to McDonald's, saw a silver Fiero. Aero, not bumperpad. Miss my '85. *sigh*

* * *

My compressor--how long have I had it? Since 2002? 2003? It's been years since I drained it, so today I decided I'd do so. Opened the valve on the bottom, a few drops of water came out.


...plugged it in and let it run, and it filled all the way up and shut off, the valve at the bottom making a slight "psss". With it open the thing shouldn't have been able to pump up at all.

Dumped the air, got a wrench, and took the valve off. Plugged it in, and it started pumping up again.

Okay, damn it, with the valve completely removed the stupid thing shouldn't have been able to make any pressure at all! So I grabbed a screwdriver and poked in the hole...

PSSSSHHHHHHHHHH and my hand was now orange and orange water was blasting out of the thing.

Ran it for a while with the valve out, just to clear out as much moisture as I could; then I put it back together and let it pump up again.

Hopefully won't need to do that for a few months at least.

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