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#7240: It's raining again

It rained just about all day yesterday. It's raining now. *sigh*

* * *

The transgendered kid in the babysitters club.

Ladies, you are nothing more than body parts. The American Cancer Society replaces the word "woman" with "individual with a cervix".

The latter link is there to put into some context this quote from the former link:
But for non-binary musician Rae Spoon, the diagnosis has stirred up another layer of complication. Spoon, who uses the singular they pronoun, had been in the middle of cancelling flights for a planned tour of the U.K., Canada and Europe due to the COVID-19 pandemic when they received a phone call from their doctor saying Spoon had tested positive for cervical cancer.

But the diagnosis was another "shock" altogether, and one that's been made difficult because cervical cancer is what Spoon calls a "gendered cancer."
The cervix is part of the female reproductive system. It does not matter how you personally identify; if you have a cervix, you are a woman.

You cannot reasonably expect people to look at your cervix and say, "that's a male cervix!" (Or "non-binary", which makes even less sense.)

Biological males do not menstruate. There is no such thing as a "male period".

Biological females do not have testicles. There is no such thing as "female balls".

Turns out that male and female bodies can process drugs differently.
I guess it is going to suck for the trans person who gets an anesthetic that doesn't work because the doctor has to go by the woke rules of gender.
And then, later, the doctor is sued by the transgendered person because he insisted on "misgendering" when the anasthetic didn't work. Ane the transgendered person will also sue the pharmaceutical company for being misgendered by their product.


* * *

Not going to hold my breath waiting for them to burn a stack of korans. They're burning the Bible because they hate Christianity, mainly because they've identified it as a source for American traditions. They won't burn korans because none of them wants to be the target of a fatwa.

* * *

Hydroxychloroquine works against COVID-19.

* * *

Did they make it or not, damn it? I can't get a definitive answer.
After moving away from the "Keep Out Sphere" surrounding the space station, Endeavour will put distance between itself and the orbiting laboratory before performing more engine burns. This will set the spacecraft up for a de-orbit burn on Sunday, about 50 minutes before splashdown. Asked what he and Behnken would spend most of their final night in space doing, Hurley quipped during a news conference with reporters this week, "Sleeping."

For most of us, sleeping in space, on the night before an historic water landing, would probably prove difficult.
I doubt it. Look: these two men are coming off two months in space; I doubt they had any trouble sleeping.

...there we are: found an article which says they did indeed make it back to Earth safely. It shouldn't have taken that much looking, damn it.

Anyway: reportedly SpaceX intends to reuse the capsule, which means the first privately-owned, reusable, man-rated spacecraft just successfully completed its first flight.

* * *

Looking at Imgur and someone posted a meme: "As a server in a restaurant if you cough in my face to protest masks imma knock you out..."

If you're wearing a mask, and if masks work, why are you so worried about people coughing in your face?

Other than, of course, the fact that it's damned rude to cough in anyone's face regardless of circumstance, that is.

* * *

So I'm watching the rerun of SpaceX's feed, and I'm disappointed that the feed from the on-board cameras is not being shown while they're doing their deorbit burn or anything else. We're watching ground control, not what's happening on the spacecraft, and holy shit have I been spoiled, because NASA sure as hell never bothered to show anything like that even during the Moon-shot days.


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