atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#7243: It worked!

Dug around and found video of the Starship test. Not SpaceX official, but fans.

Here's the skinny from SpaceX:

It's a big, cheap, stainless steel can. SpaceX is developing the thing the right way: build, test, break, build again.

Going 500 feet in the air, going sideways a similar distance, then landing itself on a bunch of tiny little landing struts, is a tiny little hop compared with what its eventual mission is (going to Mars) but how many other rocket companies do you know of that are building rockets out of stainless steel and then flying them?

* * *

The SJW-converged baseball and basketball broadcasts were beat by Rachel Maddow. Do you understand what a ratings disaster MSNBC is? You'd think after three, four months of enforced lockdown Americans would be starving for sports TV, but apparently not enough to put up with all the rich assholes kneeling for the Burn Loot Murder crowd.

* * *

The bodycam footage shows George Lloyd resisting arrest and proves that he wasn't murdered. Oh well. American press suppressed this as long as they could; now that they got their civil unrest I suppose it no longer really matters what the truth is.

* * *

Another gang-related shooting in Chicago. "Teen" who wanted to defund the police and get them out of schools, found dead, shot in the head.

* * *

Came home from work, cut the grass. Pusher for front, back and sides, no problem. Tractor for east 40.

Washed the dishes. Cooked dinner.

I am the man.

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