atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#7245: I KNEW Consumer Reports lied about the Samurai.

Start at 10:35 in the video for that story.

Fuckin' assholes.

I loved the Samurai. When the green Escort got wrecked, I saw an ad for a near-mint teal Samurai soft top, not far from here, and the price was pretty good. I should have bought it. *sigh*

* * *

We'll see what happens this weekend. Last weekend I had all sorts of plans, and instead of doing any of them I slept all weekend. (Well, it did rain a lot....) This weekend, we'll see.

* * *

I could have sworn that the third season of Orville came out on Hulu. Did I hulu-cinate that?

* * *



* * *

Let me see: Monday, did a brake job on the Jeep. Wednesday, cut grass. Thursday, walked all over the near off-site on a wild goose chase. No wonder I'm tired and my muscles ache.

* * *

Today I was looking at Amazon and bought OL Shinkaron volume 5. I don't remember which ones I have but I don't believe I have number 5, so that'll be entertaining.

Meanwhile, the other day I ordered a set of front sway bar end links for the Jeep. Amazing, this 21st century.

* * *

I heard that a reporter tried to take Trump to task at a press conference because so many people weren't wearing masks.

Trump said, "It's a peaceful protest."


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