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#7246: So, what's going on?

White House staff gather to watch President Trump go campaign. I have two sources for this story, both of which are heavy on "conspiracy theory", so I don't know what to think of it...except for that picture.

Well, whatever.

* * *

The New York Times finally gets around to telling a little bit of the truth about what went on in Seattle.

I don't feel like going through it all again, but what happened in Seattle was exactly what Seattle's citizens have been voting for.

Of course it wasn't on the ballot as a single issue referendum--"Shall Seattle allow itself to be taken over by communist radicals?"--but instead it's the result of many elections over many years. Every time they voted for the left-wing canditates who promised school reform and law enforcement reform and "compassion for the poor". Every time they re-elected someone who raised their taxes, who advocated gun control, who did something hypocritical.

Every time they did that, they voted for the communist radicals to seize control.

The citizens of New York City did not vote explicitly to be the hub of COVID-19 infection in the United States, nor to live in a crime-infested, over-taxed shithole. It was nowhere on the ballot; no one asked them, "Say, do you want to live in a disease-ridden, rat-infested fucktopolis of high taxes, rampant crime, corruption, and violence?" And yet, as things deteriorated from the high point they hit during the Giuliani years, did they ever stop voting in Democrats? Hell no. The Democrats mouthed the right platitudes--and anyway, who votes for Rethugnican nazis, anyway? Giuliani's administration was racist! "Stop and frisk" is a violation of civil rights!

And so, Detroit. Same issue: the citizens kept voting for the people who promised them a leftist utopia. Things kept getting worse, rather than better, and the citizens kept voting for the same people because Democrat machine politics kept other candidates out and no one in his right mind would vote Republican (assuming there was even a candidate to vote for), not even to get an obvious shithead out of the office.

The result is, of course, that Detroit is a shell of what it once was. New York City looks to be next; COVID-19 knocked the hyper-rich out of their inertial stasis and led them to realize that they actually could live elsewhere, that they don't have to live in NYC. The result is going to be what anyone could predict, particularly given the example of Detroit: an ever-rising tax rate feeding more wealthy flight, the city raising taxes on everyone else to make up for the lost revenue (rather than cutting its budget), and in the end, a hollow shell of a city. "Fallen, fallen, is Babylon the great!"

Borepatch discusses this very phenomenon and lends a historical context to it.

The same pattern is playing out in every major city in the United States, to one extent or another. Once the biggest cities have succumbed the smaller ones will be next. The absolute worst people to be in power seek to have it, and when they get it, ruin follows.

And do you know why this is?

Gonna just blockquote the whole thing.
"We are divided into red state thinking and blue state thinking. Both camps have rules they'd like to impose on others. They do not look at the concept of "rule" the same way.

When red staters try to get people to follow rules, it’s to achieve a positive outcome or to avoid a negative one.

Don't let water get into the diesel fuel tank. Know your target as well as what's behind it. Bring your tools in out of the rain. Bring the hay bales inside before it rains. The gun is ALWAYS loaded. Don't get her pregnant until you marry her. If your dog doesn't want to be around him, don't trust him. These are good ideas.

When blue staters try to get people to follow rules, it's to assert their dominance. They don't really comprehend the concept of "a positive outcome." If they did, recent experience would have altered their understanding of what masks do. It has not.

Blue staters want everyone else to wear masks, so they can play alpha-dog. And so that they can see masks everywhere, because then maybe Biden will be elected. When blue staters wear their masks, they often leave them dangling around their chins, or letting their noses stick out Gavin-Newsom-style...they haven't got a care in the world about what the masks actually do." M. Freeburg
The left wing is about control, about having power over others. Solving problems just takes away the issues they need to take and keep power.

* * *

The sway bar end link set I ordered just arrived. I hadn't really thought about it, but this kit uses polyurethane, rather than rubber, bushings, and that means I'll have to replace both sides if I don't want the handling to keep being squirrely. (Though it would be a different kind of squirrely than it is with one side broken and the other not.)

Well, anyway, the hard part is getting the old ones off. I'm not sure but I don't think I even need to jack the truck up to get at them, which is good since this is the kind of thing you have to tighten down with the wheels on the ground.

"Polyurethane" means "grease before installing" because otherwise they'll squeak. Also not a problem.

* * *

But not yet. I am tired, it's Saturday, and I'm going to go lie back down for a while.

Yesterday was one of those days where I go to work, do my job, and then reach a point where there is nothing else I can do at the moment...and before it's quitting time. And when you're utterly flagged, it's painful to be sitting up (even in a comfortable office chair like mine is) rather than laying down.

Looking at the clock and seeing "three more hours" and groaning inwardly--I thought about asking the boss to be excused early but she had already left herself.

Tried playing "Hitmasters" on my phone, but here's what would happen: I'd start a level, and the next thing I knew, I'd be waking up to the little guy stomping his feet in frustration as the targets rejoiced that I'd run out of ammunition.

That happened a few weeks ago, too: I had nothing to do and was trying to play Freecell, but I was so groggy, at one point I woke up thinking that the rules of the game had changed or something. I think I had been playing it (or trying to) in my sleep.

The scariest thing about all this is how insidious it is. Prior to this, I never fell asleep sitting up. (Well, except that one time driving to my abortive job at the Michael's distribution center.) I mean, I simply do not do that...but the office is quiet and the chair is very comfortable and in those moments when there is nothing to do, somehow I don't notice when consciousness turns into sleep. I'm not even aware of closing my eyes!


* * *

Oh, wow: I don't remember when it was, but there was this long dream (or series of dreams) about me and some people being in a haunted house, and we got into this one room which was the source of all the evil, just as it was either sunset or midnight on Halloween. Creepy dream--but the thumbnail image for this YouTube video "House of Evil" looks exactly like the bamboo room did in my dream. Maybe I saw that movie, or part of it, long ago?

Looking at the title sequence, it looks like they changed the name. A white blur is coalscing into letters, and right before it does, the video freezes and "HOUSE OF EVIL" pops up in front of it, in an entirely different font from all the other credits. Heh.

* * *

Count me among the people who just want to be left alone.

* * *

I suppose I ought to get on with the stuff that needs to be got on with. *sigh*

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