atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#7247: So they're doing it again

The Democrat party is adding all the shit to the second stimulus bill that they had to retract from the first one because the response to it was so universally negative.

What kind of things?

Oh...lowering the voting age to 16, because of course that's going to help the foundering economy. The Green Raw Deal is included. Bailouts for failed states like Illinois. Amnesty for illegals. Overturning the travel ban.

Probably not a full list.

So, naturally, the Democrat-run House and the Republican-led Senate are at odds and nothing is getting done.

President Trump issues some executive orders.
[Trump's] taking over implementing Coronavirus relief by Executive Order from Twitter would have been unconstitutional, but for the [Supreme Court Justice] Robert's ruling recently on DACA, which held Obama could pass an EO, and it could not be reversed by a subsequent President, just like a law.
Democrats naturally are all up in arms over this and suing.

If the Democrats win, that stupid ruling is overturned. If they lose....

"Suspending the payroll tax" is a really smart, and sneaky move. When people get a taste of just how much more money they have each week because the payroll taxes aren't being deducted, and when those taxes start up again--figure that about half the people who don't understand just how much is withheld will wise up fast.

Withholding was the sneakiest, most low-down move ever foisted on us by the government. It takes almost all the pain out of paying income taxes, you see, because you never see the money they take, and the system is set up so that you actually pay a little extra with each paycheck, and then get that extra back. You've made an interest-free loan to the federal government, is all.

If people had to write that check every month, they wouldn't pay it. The government knew that, which is why withholding was invented...and so by eliminating payroll taxes, people will see what gets taken from them every week.

* * *

If this actually goes into effect, though, I think I'm going to send the amount that would normally be withheld into savings. My budget is set up for X, not X+Y, and saving the surplus is the way to go.

* * *

Facebook is, of course, leftist, and the people enforcing its "community standards" are all leftists, which is why a black person can get away with anti-white racism, but "all lives matter" is banned in microseconds.

* * *

I got up to hit the can. Hitting the can turned into "getting a snack" turned into "reading the comics" turned into a full pre-blog surf, and now look where we are. It's almost 8 AM, I'm sitting here in my skivvies, and I don't even know what I'm doing out of bed.

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