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#7248: Yes, Real Genius was a good movie.

It really was good, and the science in it was actually right, too. It's almost as if the people making the thing got some experts to tell them how lasers worked, and then listened to them.

The line in the movie that most impresses me is when Val Kilmer, playing Chris Knight, says, "By doing this, I was able to couple to a state which was radiatively coupled to the ground state," which is awesome in both its techno-snazzery and its actual scientific correctness.

So, good movie, been too long since I last saw it...where did I leave the videotape?

* * *

Sunday night.

...did not get anything done this weekend, save changing the oil in Mrs. Fungus' car and putting her city sticker on her windshield.

Yesterday, I slept. After the post went up I played WoW for a little while as a sick headache developed, and finally when that got to be too much I went to bed with an ice pack. That was maybe around 3-ish. The ice pack relieved the headache and I slept until it was dark outside. Was up for maybe four hours before going to bed for the night.

...but the funny thing? Today I feel a lot better than I have in weeks. Still a bit tired, but not dragging like I have been. My left foot has been aching for nearly a month (heel spur? Plantar fascitis?) but the pain was completely gone when I got up today. Maybe I need to take a day and just sleep in--plan to do nothing on that day but just sleep until I'm slept out.

Anyway, about 7-ish I went outside into the remaining heat of the day and did the oil and sticker change; came inside and cooked dinner. Mrs. Fungus scored a couple of nice t-bones at the store Friday night and we had them this evening. Steak, salad, baked potato--a fine Sunday dinner.

* * *

Holy shit William Shatner is awesome.

It's like, this scene from The Six Million Dollar Man, you have Captain Kirk (okay William Shatner playing a different character, but still) and Steve Austin on the screen at the same time; why does the TV not explode?

Or this one--this is better:

I think that sums it up. Also it puts to bed the whole "Kirk vs. Picard" debate, I do believe.

Kirk, by a landslide.

* * *

Hydroxychloroquine works against COVID-19 and should be used to help stem the disease.

But of course HCQ is cheap and effective and this thing has to be made as bad as possible so Trump won't win re-election. If HCQ had been prescribed to every person who got it, by now the masks would be off and we'd all be back to normal.

* * *

Well, it's going to be Labor Day pretty soon.

Tomorrow is Monday, and I face another week of computer stuff. Could be worse, all right; I'll take what I've got with gratitude towards the good Lord who put me where I am.

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