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Boy, is it ever Monday!

...but I'm grateful for it. Here's why:

0) Woke up at 7:34 AM, which is twenty minutes late. But got to work only 15 minutes late.

1) Go to work and get 22 new tasks, but they're software installs, and resolving them ought to be simple.

2) Goofed up moving some cables from an old switch to a new switch at the near off-site. But despite my goof, everything got set right afterwards. The new configuration didn't work. Put it back.

3) BIG storm came through and knocked out our power for a good 3.5 hours. Also, knocked a tree over in our yard, onto the cable TV cable, so now it's hanging at chest level--but the Internet works. AND we've had the big dead tree gone for two weeks already. If that dead tree had still been there, it would have ended up on my neighbor's roof.

When I left my off-site, I was walking out the door with my laptop bag and a dead laptop screen (which I'd replaced) and dropped my safety glasses, so I'm juggling all that in the rain and trying to get a hand free to get out my car keys and of course MY PANTS ARE FALLING DOWN--I'm not kidding, I nearly lost them trying to cross the parking lot, this is with my belt at its usual setting!--and now I'm just about soaked and pissed off and hot and FFS.

Not just our power. No, the entire friggin' Fungal Vale, from the freeway on the east side to God knows how far west, and all the way into the town to the immediate north of here. Couldn't go to the nearest supermarket--no power--had to go to Jewel. They were open, probably running on generator power. Paid way too much for Pepsi and Dr. Pepper (for my wife) but to hell with it, it probably wasn't much more than an hour's labor to pay for what I bought.

Got home, had a PBJ, felt tired and achy, so I laid down and was nearly asleep when Mrs. Fungus called and told me her car was shuddering and the "check engine" light was on.

Looked around the house, found that a tree had fallen on the freaking Comcast cable. It was already sagging, such that I need to lift it out of the way to pass under it when I cut the grass--but with a tree on it--

Moved the tree out of the way--I'll have to chop it up with the chainsaw later--and tried to check the soundness of the cable but couldn't. Looked okay, though.

Opened the garage door--you know, that is the first time I've opened that door with muscle power since my parents had it replaced in 1998-ish? Surprisingly easy!--and sat on the front porch with a Mountain Dew, because it wasn't as stuffy outside as it was inside.

Mrs. Fungus got home with food. I fixed her car. (Fucking #2 coil pack again. I'm going to buy a good name-brand one this weekend and install it.)

All told: the ironic thing about the title is that I really am grateful for the day I had. It was crazy, but it all worked out fine, and I simply cannot ask for more than that.

* * *

So, all the spin about Trump's executive orders over the weekend--

"Oh, they're deferring social security taxes, and people will be screwed when they come due!"

Trump declared a tax HOLIDAY, not a tax deferment.

With a deferment, yes, you owe later on. But when there is a holiday, it means the taxes are not due. Ever.

Now, if Biden wins, Congress will make sure those unpaid taxes come due--but Biden can't win because his brain is turning into grey goo.

Limbaugh pointed out something today--or at least said something that made me realize--that there's a reason we don't know who Biden's running mate is: NO ONE WANTS THE JOB.

Who wants to be the running mate for a man whose hippocampus is rapidly assuming the consistency of warm Jell-o? Ordinarily it would be a shoo-in, because that man cannot serve as President and the VP would become the P, and PDQ to boot. If the Democrats thought Biden had a chance of winning they would be lining up to be picked for VP. But no one wants to be steamrollered by the Trump Express, and the more failures that they rack up trying to take him down, the more obvious it becomes that Trump isn't playing by the same rules as they are and they don't know how to cope with it.

Hence, the executive orders.

Democrats thought they would do one of two things: either get all kinds of pork added to the relief bill, including paying off all the bogus checks their cronies in places like Illinois wrote--or make the economic damage from their own governors' actions as bad as possible in order to hurt Trump's re-election chances. Either way they win; and so they walked away from negotiations, telling Trump to pick his poison.

Nowhere in the Democrats' calculations is there any consideration for how the little people will fare, of course, because they couldn't care less about the suffering they inflict, as long as they can get and retain political power. If they have to wreck the economy to get rid of Trump, why, that's just the cost of doing business, and it lets them shift things into socialism that much quicker. Regardless of how many people starve or freeze in the dark. If you don't want to be starving in the cold darkness under that bridge, well, maybe you should have gone to Harvard or Yale and sought a career in government like they did! It's your own fault for not being an elite.

But Trump's executive orders--turns out they're perfectly legal, because they simply take advantage of powers granted to him by a law that lets him use FEMA funds to help out in the case of natural disasters. I think a pandemic qualifies.

...which is why Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff had to call President Trump today and come crawling back to the negotiating table. They cannot rescind these perfectly legal orders, and if they sue to get rid of them, then Democrats are trying to take away badly-needed aid from the people. Those campaign ads would write themselves! They don't give a fuck about how the little people are faring, but they do care about how people will vote this November, and if they're seen as the selfish, power-hungry dickheads they actually are, the election will be a disaster for them.

And by the way, thanks to the recent Supreme Court ruling, no future President can overturn those executive orders. Technically, anyway, since it depends on the allegiance of the judge hearing the case.

And as I said: just wait until Americans learn how much money the government has really been taking from them all those years!

* * *

Meanwhile, massive looting in Chicago last night. At what point do businesses in the downtown area give up?

Reportedly the lesbian-of-color mayor said, "I do not need leadership lessons from Donald Trump" on the twiddlator, and someone replied, "Yes, you do."

Ha! Hhha!

Meanwhile, she had a fence erected to cut off access to the beach, because people were trying to enjoy the summertime a little bit. She can take all kinds of action to stop that, but apparently won't lift a finger to stop the looting and violence.

* * *

Don't do this if you want to live. The Secret Service does not deal lightly with perceived threats to the President's life, regardless of who you are.

Okay: today the Secret Service ventilated a guy who was at least brandishing a gun outside the White House. I don't have any other details.

But that's one guy. How will they deal with an armed revolt?

* * *

Thank God for the atomic bomb. I likely would not be here if it had not been for the Manhattan Project.

And not to put too fine a point on it, but the Japanese started it. They pulled a surprise attack on us. The United States was staying out of the war, until they bombed Pearl Harbor.

I'm glad that we're friendly with Japan and Germany now, make no mistake about it--but they attacked us. We would not have dropped those bombs on Japan if we'd had any alternative.

* * *

It's not just the press but the entire American leftist establishment which is descending into farce.
Recent stories from the New York Times and other media have suggested that bands of idiot millennials have taken over the newsrooms and, being too stupid to entertain two opposing viewpoints, and too incompetent to mount a serious counterargument to any argument that displeases them, they insist that the paper only presents one point of view.
And it shows.

Here's the NYT covering themselves in glory:

"Serious crime" is not up, but "murders and shootings" has risen drastically. If these are not "serious crimes" then what the hell are they?

* * *

Holy crap, it's 10 PM already. Guess I'd better start winding down.

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