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#7250: Kamala Harris? Ha! HAAAA!!! the de facto Democrat nominee for President is Kamala Harris. That'll be fun.

Her reputation for putting black men in jail is probably meant to camouflage the fact that the Democrats have been letting felons out of jail for the last four months.

* * *

Were there big riots in NYC? I suppose there must have been. Anyway, retail businesses are getting out, citing the fact that with all the rioting and looting it's basically unsustainable to try to do retail business there.

The riots in Detroit in 1967 showed us what happens in the aftermath. When the white folk go, you get the ghetto.

* * *

Did you hear about the mass shooting in D.C.? Of course you didn't--because both the shooter and his twenty-two victims were black.

By the way, the mainstream media says you're a racist.

* * *

I love the Serenity quote here. "Well, my days of not taking you seriously are certainly coming to a middle."

COVID-19 isn't even remotely as dangerous as phosgene or mustard gas. Please.

* * *

I'd like to believe this, but don't, for an important reason. Everyone said that Rush Limbaugh's career was over after the Clinton presidency ended, but of course Limbaugh's still a radio powerhouse.

CNN might find something else to talk about in a post-Trump world, and regardless of whether or not he wins this November there will come a day when Trump's time in the White House will be over.

Why, you never know; they might actually start reporting news or something.

* * *

Ignorant BLM moron doesn't seem to understand that business insurance does not cover losses due to rioting and looting. Or maybe she does know and is lying.
The only redeeming thing Baby Che said was dissing the shit out of Jesse Jackson's protestations that looting was immoral. Knowing the reverend's past history, he is afraid he won't be able to morally strong-arm the looted businesses into racial shame.
Jesse Jackson is a tick grown fat on the racial spoils system, but he's had his day.

* * *

DC has gotten out the guillotines. The other major American comic label has viciously cut staff--upper-level staff--and Ace helpfully provides a visual aid to show us why: Wonder Woman drawn as a fat elephantine black lesbian with tiny breasts.

"This isn’t the rank and file taking a bullet for the bosses. These are the bosses."

You know, I realized something while preparing this vignette. I realized that the worse this shit gets, the fewer people will buy it, and eventually there will be no mainstream publishing in the United States, not really. There will be big publishing houses but they'll all be chasing the same niches and eventually will collapse.

And there will once again be a market for entertaining stories. I am told I write entertaining stories.

See where this is going?

* * *

Cool weather tonight, which is to be expected following the storms we had yesterday. Looks to be mild weather the next few days--mid eighties, moderate dewpoint, so not super hot and muggy, but still summertime. I can live with that, I think.

Well--bedtime, anyway.

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