atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#7254: Nice weather for it

Came home from work, read some manga, then went outside and lay in the gravity chair, and fell asleep. That was pretty nice.

* * *

I get so sick of people trying to "explain" things. The talking heads always have to explain what you saw, what you're seeing, what you're about to see, because they're so much SMARTER than you are, and if you're left to your own devices you might get the wrong ideas and re-elect Trump.

Di$ney did it with the Miyazaki films, have some shithead "introduce" the things rather than going right to the blue background with the Totoro outline we all know and love so well.

Just shut the fuck up and let us watch the damned movies, you arrogant piss-heads. If we want to hear your opinion we'll give you a laxative.

* * *

That bug-eyed freak is presiding over the ruin of Chicago and of course she's not going to ask the feds for help curtailing the crime and ruin.

You've got the local Burn Loot Murder representative getting up and squawking about looting being "reparations". She looked like Steve Urkel woke up one day and decided he was actually a woman.

Macy's has decided it wants out of Water Tower Place.
Macy's has notified its landlord that it wants to vacate much and possibly all of its huge Magnificent Mile outlet in Water Tower Place,...
And that's just the beginning. Who's going to rent out that 170,000 square foot space?

Do you people understand that while you might agree with Burn Loot Murder and their cronies in antifa and the communist party, the people of Chicago don't like living in a third-world shithole and that's exactly what it's become of late? You politicians might be safe behind your security details but the people don't have that luxury.

Do you understand at all that the people who elected you are not stupid, and can tell the difference between a city which cannot be governed, and a city which is merely not being governed? Do you think the people of Chicago don't understand the games your elected law enforcement apparatus is playing with prosecutions? Do you think they can't figure out that there's an excess of crime because there's a deficit of prosecution?

Do you think they're going to buy the same old excuses the machine has trotted out for decades, about "too many guns" and "too much poverty" and "oh the racism"?

" Forcing people to associate blackness with crime is a losing game." But that's what all this does. The Democrats want that; they need a permanent underclass to be dependent on them, else they lose elections.

* * *

Sure, "drag queen story hour" is perfectly safe for your kids, you bigot. "Love has no age" is the pedophile equivalent of the homosexual community's "love wins" slogan.

I don't think I need to elaborate.

* * *

Damn it, what a frustrating day.

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