atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#7256: Well, how nice

Pool vacuum arrived today. $25-ish. Put it together and tried it out, and it worked a treat! Very nicely cleaned up the bottom of the pool in a matter of perhaps 10, 15 minutes. Very useful, not too expensive, worth what I paid for it.

* * *

Warm out today but not hot enough to really use the pool. We've had three days this summer which were really good pool days, and otherwise, not really.

If the pool were heated--

Once I'm done with the whole house filter (whenever that is) I'll probably use the remaining Pex tubing to make a solar heater for the pool. Keeping the pool at about 82-ish would make it usable a lot more because the water wouldn't be unpleasantly cold. This whole global cooling thing is messing up my idyllic summer weekends!

* * *

The new regime requires that I take a stomach pill on an empty stomach (or at least not having had anything to eat for an hour) and then that I not add anything for at least 45 minutes after taking the pill. When I'm down to the single Pepcid it will be easier, but right now the evening pill is the complicated one.

Made goulash today. Could not find Ginzo bread, had to substitute french bread rolls. *sigh* Still, it tasted really good and I'm thinking about having another bowl of it after the pill cooldown period has elapsed.

* * *

While writing this post, I have a Jean-Michel Jarre concert video running. Not sure when that was taped, but it's not an old one since they used LED lighting and the musicians are all in approximately 21st century clothing--and the instruments are all analog synthesizers. There's one bit of gear Jarre himself uses which looks like it has a touchscreen keyboard, but I think it's just controlling an analog synth. The guy in the back, stage left, has this massive electronic edifice which I think includes some kind of sequencer.

* * *

Speaking of music, a new video from Little Big and I love it:

I'm going to have to start buying their music, I think.

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