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#7258: How is this possible?

A consummation devoutly to be wished. "Learning pods", otherwise known as "the one room schoolhouse". I want this thing to catch on so badly I can taste it. It tastes like glue and Bactine and ink and chalk dust, has the aroma of creosote and hot asphalt and dusty libraries and tater tots that have baked just a bit too long, sounds like a 16mm film that's misfeeding at the sound pickup--it rubs me raw a thousand ways not because I think socialized education is good but because regardless of enrollments government will still take our money to pay for it--noentheless I want it so bad it hurts.

Because if enough people leave the socialized system, eventually they will begin to wonder why their property taxes are so bleeding high. And they will vote accordingly. Not only will they starve the bloated bureaucratic indoctrination centers of money, but they will force teachers to compete for jobs, which will turn education into a discipline where you actually have to know something well enough to teach it.

What I see when I look around me is so much potential which is fraught with hope, it makes my head swim. The school thing is only one little part of it, one little place where the left could be--might be--overplaying its hand so badly that it ends up ruining its monopoly.

The big cities are emptying of wealthy people because their leftist governments are allowing them to turn into communist shitholes. This takes away their tax base and also redistributes population to other parts of the country, lessening their political power. How many representatives does Detroit in 2020 send to Washington, D.C., compared to how many in, say, 1967?

Everywhere I look I see the same pattern: the left is shitting itself with fear over what will happen should Trump win a second term, and everything they're doing will--if things break the right way--only further wreck their fortunes.


The double-whammy didn't need to work out this way. The COVID-19 lockdown was supposed to last two weeks, and if the Democrats had stuck to that timetable they could have laid a million deaths (only a handful of them actually caused by COVID-19, but the numbers could be gamed like they are now) at Trump's feet. Instead, they chose to wreck the economy in the name of preventing those deaths, only the people aren't buying the spin! The economic news that keeps coming back is unexpectedly good, compared with what the Democrats were hoping for, and for some reason the people understand that the lockdowns caused the economy to tank and they don't blame Trump for it!

So they loosed the dogs of war, and let their "community organizers" off the leash to make trouble, with the result that a lot of Democrat strongholds are suffering greatly at the hands of their own foot soldiers. And the people just refuse to blame Trump for it. The blacks--the blacks aren't supposed to be thinking for themselves and saying they want the police! They're supposed to fall in line and support whatever their masters betters in the Democrat leadership say! Joe Biden's gaffe about blacks and latinos was what they all think; he just lacks the mental acuity not to say it.

At issue is the fact that Democrats are using the same playbook that they have used since approximately 1930, with a few annotations and edits from the 1960s, and like every strategy which is overused sooner or later it stops working. You can't get what you want by calling people "racist" any longer; the word has been used so much it's lost its stigma. Ditto for "nazi"; every Republican candidate for President has been called that going back at least to Nixon. What have you got, then, other than rioting?

For some reason, the people can see that the cities currently under mob rule are in that position solely because the city governments will not govern, not because they cannot govern. It's a fine distinction if you're a Democrat, I suppose, but it's bleeding obvious that when the mayor of Chicago starts stammering about not being "baited" when the subject of prosecutions comes up, a lot of left-wing terrorists are being given a huge pass by the prosecutional apparatus.

And although the press does not cover it--tries to pretend that it's not happening--there is real anger brewing out there. "The silent majority" is getting very, very close to being fed up with all of this stupidity.

The election will be the breaking point. One of three things will happen.

1) The election will proceed normally, Trump wins, the Democrats refuse to accept it, and the violence worsens, which flips the switch from "do nothing" to "shoot everybody".

2) The Democrats will succeed in turning the election into a complete clusterfuck, dragging it out well past its expiration date in the hope they can invoke the 20th Amendment and appoint someone President who no one in the electorate voted for. In the absolute best case they merely throw doubt on the legitimacy of the election a la 2000 so their idiots can run around screaming "not my President!" while they break windows and steal stuff.

3) The election will be fraught with nonsense but Trump will emerge as the unambiguous winner, which will still lead the Democrats to run around screaming "not my President!" while they break windows and steal stuff.

Please note that in none of these cases does Joe Biden actually win the election; the Democrats have a senile dotard who's picked someone to be his running mate who is probably the least electable black woman this side of Hillary Clinton thanks to the baggage she brings to the campaign. (Never mind the fact that she dropped out of the primary before so much as one vote was cast because she was so incredibly unpopular.)

Joe Biden will not get a majority, or even a plurality, of the legitimately-cast votes, because everyone knows he's lost his marbles and can't be President. The die-hard Democrat voters will vote for him but that's at best a third of the population. I see Biden voters staying home from the polls because there is absolutely nothing there to get excited about.

The Democrats' hopes all hinge on this "mail-in voting" scam. The mail-in vote is different from the absentee ballot in that in order to secure an absentee ballot you need to prove you are who you say you are. The "mail-in" ballot is simply mass-mailed to all addresses and there's no control over who receives them, who fills them out, who mails them, or who counts them. None at all. It's a system which is designed to make wholesale vote fraud as easy as possible.

Notice that Dr. Fauci, who was until very recently the COVID-19 god--because all his recommendations were bad for Trump--has stated that there should be no issue with voting as long as people wear masks and stay six feet apart, and so of course that's the one quote from the man over the past six months which was not breathlessly repeated ad nauseum by the mainstream media.

Count on it: the Democrat party is going to do everything in its power to make an enormous mess out of this election, in order to make sure Trump cannot get a decisive win; and if they can just keep the election from being certified before January 20, 2021, then the House of Representatives gets to decide who is our next President.

* * *

Hydroxychloroquine works against COVID-19 which is why the Democrats are trying to hard to prevent people from using it. They need deaths in order to keep Trump from winning in November. Remember: they don't care about you; if they need you dead to get what they want, they'll find a way to kill you. Every time.

* * *

Very probably this is our only remedy. I can't summarize it and I can't blockquote it. It's all so twisted and ridiculous that leveling the entire thing and starting over might be our only choice.

* * *

Autoplay warning but fucking dumbasses want an apology because Chicago wouldn't let them shut down the Damn Ryan.

* * *

This modern lack of concern for responsibility is the result of leftism.
As for the men, the state absolves them of all responsibility for their children. The state is now father to the child. The biological father is therefore free to use whatever income he has as pocket money, for entertainment and little treats. He is thereby reduced to the status of a child, though a spoiled child with the physical capabilities of a man: petulant, demanding, querulous, self-centered, and violent if he doesn't get his own way. The violence escalates and becomes a habit. A spoiled brat becomes an evil tyrant.
Just the merest taste of a buttload of bitchsmack for "the system".

* * *

I'm done now.

I was originally trying to explain where the hope lies in all the horseshit that we're experiencing in this banner year, but I don't think I can. If things go right, if the left continues to overplay its hand the way it has been, if they keep doing what they're doing--given a nudge by the Almighty it is just possible that we might be seeing the beginning of a new direction for our society, one in which the pendulum has begun to swing the other way, where the inevitable leftward ratchet suddenly pops loose and unspools rightward again.

My fervent hope is that it is accomplished without much bloodshed. I think it can happen, though it is not likely; it's much more likely that the switch gets flipped first, and lampposts are festooned with grisly decorations as the silent majority finally stands up and says, "Enough nonsense." But if the left thinks that it can do what it wants without serious resistance, I'm afraid that your opponent always gets a vote, and things will not go smoothly and quietly to the gulag and the concentration camp and the gas chamber and the mass grave.

All we can do is pray that it doesn't come to that, that we're not required to fight them on those terms, that we don't have to meet them and visit upon them the ruin they wish for us. But if they cannot be convinced, if they cannot be dissuaded--then they must be destroyed, because to do anything else will simply give them room to regroup; and then we face this situation again a century from now.

The evil of leftism is insidious, pernicious, and eternal. It does not sleep. It destroys everything it touches. If allowed to survive, it will fester until it brings forth ruin for all.

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