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#7260: "Heat wave"? WHAT HEAT WAVE??

"America Has Never Experienced A Heatwave Quite Like This" goes the headline.

Current outside temperature at the bunker: 72°, with a dewpoint of FIFTY DEGREES, meaning that there is no heat index. Sitting in my back yard is the swimming pool that I have tended since the last week of June, and for which it has been hot enough outside to use exactly four times.

Do you know where it's hot? The west coast, that's where, and the southwest. To the fuckheads who write news stories that's "America". When it's extra-hot in the midwest they don't say a word about it; but the instant either coast sees the thermometer go higher than usual they screech about how unprecedented it is and how hot and oh the global warmenation!

Bonus points, by the way, for California not having enough electrical generating capacity to run everyone's air conditioner, so they've started in with the rolling blackouts again. That's "renewable energy" for you.

* * *

Speaking of renewable energy this Hackaday article goes into detail on what it would likely cost to switch over to electrically-powered semi trucks. These trucks would draw electricity from overhead wires using a pantograph, like electric commuter trains do. And so the Hackaday writer does a little math, intended to show how feasible it is:
Since the Guardian piece linked at the top of the article applies to the UK, a quick look at the British government's road freight statistics reveals 152 billion tonne kilometres of freight were moved by road over 18.7 billion kilometres traveled in 2018, with an average haul length of 108km or 67.1 miles. This gives us 173,148,148 of those 67.1 mile journeys, and taking in the Oak Ridge energy figures, 23,468,846,276 kWh of diesel or 21,958,474,981 kWh of electric energy consumption. That's a yearly figure, so dividing by 365 and taking a dubious assumption that those journeys are spread over 12 hours of daytime, we arrive at 5,013,350.45 kW of extra generating capacity. 5.013 GW may be enough to get you back to the future four times, but it's not inconsequential in generating capacity terms.

To give an idea of the cost, and taking the rosy view that all this capacity will be renewable wind power, a 3.5 MW wind turbine costs £3.13 million to install. To generate 5.013 GW we would need 1433 of them for which we probably have space offshore, so we'd have to find an extra £4,485,290,000 ($5,895,667,014.05).
To generate 5.013 GW of electricity, you would actually need five times that number of windmills, because it's been demonstrated time and again that in practice wind farms only supply about 20% of their rated capacities. So you'd need 7,165 windmills, not 1,433, at an approximate cost of $30 billion. The resulting price is some $160 billion, give or take a few billion dollars. "Cynical long-time watchers will tell you that everything the UK government touches comes in at twice the price," she goes on, so $320 billion. And for what?

To decarbonize one part of transportation, in a small country. (England, population 66 million.)

Rather than demonstrate the feasibility of the idea, she rapidly demonstrates that the only reasonable carbon-free way to make this work is to run those trucks off electricity generated by nuclear power plants.

* * *

Trump pardoned Susan B. Anthony for illegally voting, and predictably the Democrats all came out against it. And a few lefties with some modicum of sense are begging the rest, "Please don't do this!" And naturally their warnings are dismissed as the pleas of the insufficiently woke.

* * *

For me, the line that most neatly encapsulates it is, "Can someone tell me how great this is or something?" Apparently the Democrat convention is an unwatchable mess even for die-hard communists.

* * *

It is useful, every so often, to be reminded of what leftism--socialism--communism--does. The places it has been tried have been charnel houses, their governments the authors of unspeakable horrors, starting with Germany under the National Socialist Workers' Party, AKA the Nazis.

Hitler didn't have the time that Lenin and Stalin had, which is why his regime murdered a paltry six million compared to the Soviet Union's 20,000,000 plus. But the article discusses the career of one Vasily Blokhin, an executioner under Stalin, who is probably the single most prolific serial killer in history. He personally shot seven thousand people in the course of four weeks.

Do you understand the magnitude of that? The people he killed were not put on trial. They did not have a chance to defend themselves from the charges against them. They had no legal representation, no right to face a jury of their peers. All they had was a government that owned them completely, had decided it no longer needed them, and so disposed of them. In job lots, dumping the bodies into mass graves dug by bulldozers.

This is what Burn Loot Murder and antifa want when they protest for the abolition of police. They don't want there to be no police; they want to become the police, so they can make people disappear who don't toe the party line. So they can set up murder factories where government officials spend three minutes ensuring they have the right person before putting a bullet through his brain. Where they can take Republicans and Christians and white people and whoever they want for summary execution--murder.

Leftism is evil. It is nothing else. And the people who would foist it upon us now say that the way it worked in those places wasn't real leftism.

But it was. It was leftism working exactly as designed.

* * *

C'mon, this doesn't mention Reggie Love, Obama's "body man", at all. I think it might eventually come out that Obama was as gay as Liberace and his marriage to Michelle (and the production of their children) was mere camouflage meant to hide it for the sake of his political career.

* * *

Quick and easy guide on how not to vote but that bigass communist fist in the middle of the word makes it read "BYACK voters matter" to me. Not sure who the BYACKs are.

* * *

Chicago Teachers' Union sent $600 worth of food to criminals and vandals. It was delivered to the police instead, who ate it.


* * *

"As you see, our whole plaza has been destroyed, set fire to, trash thrown, by what we think are protesters that do not stand for what we stand for--which is Black Lives Matter," said one local, Terrance Moses, in an impassioned video plea recorded during the chaos.

..."These were black-owned businesses, put together by people of color... and you came down here and destroyed it, and then you tried to use it in the name of Black Lives Matter," Moses continued. "This won't solve anything. This is all strictly for your glorification... you come through here and set fire to people's livelihoods. Stop it now."
...Go to the white neighborhoods and do it there! Not here!

There are so many examples of black people who were cheering on the destruction and mayhem until it gets close to them, at which point suddenly it's a crisis. If you asshats don't want the shit, stop wading in the cess pit. Denounce the Burn Loot Murder movement entirely, and tell them you want more police. When your daughters get pregnant out of wedlock, insist that they marry their "baby daddys". Make your kids go to school, and take a personal interest in how well they do there, and punish them if they fail. Do not allow them to do as they please, but make them be home by a certain time each night and make sure they do not hang out with the wrong kind of people. Teach your kids to read at an early age, discourage any idolization of criminals, insist that they speak politely to everyone, make sure they learn grammar, and make them pay for their own luxuries by getting part-time jobs. And when they get in trouble, make them stand up and take the punishment for their misdeeds.

Nah, that's all "acting white", right?

* * *


Of course the Democrat machine is going to unperson her as quickly as it can, and she'll be denounced as an "Aunt Jemima" and a "self-hating black woman" and so forth.

But it's nice to see, even so.

* * *

It would be especially miraculous if the black population snapped out of the spell that the Democrats put them under in 1965. Johnson's so-called "Great Society" led blacks to switch their allegience from Republican (because Lincoln, who had freed the slaves, was a Republican) to Democrat. Of course they have reaped the whirlwind; instead of lifting them out of poverty the measure has condemned more of them to it than anyone could have imagined. It had the effect of making the black race dependent on Democrat largesse, securing for the Democrat party some 13-15% of the American voting public.

* * *

It's going to be a gloriously cool night tonight. No idea if we're going to have any more pool weather this year.

Well, I suppose it could be worse.

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